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If you love driving and are happy to spend many days or weeks away from home, you could enjoy a rewarding career as a truck driver.

Thankfully, gaining qualifications and securing employment isn’t too difficult or time-consuming, so you could soon be driving on the open road for a profitable fee.

If you are interested in learning more about the career, read the following five, six steps to take to become a professional truck driver.

1. Weigh the Pros Against the Cons

As you would before embarking on any career, you should weigh the pros against the cons to identify if truck driving is the right job for you.

For example, you might be pleased to learn trucking jobs do not require extensive qualifications and provide fantastic rates of pay.

However, the role will demand much of your time, as you might need to be on the road for 12 hours or more each day, and you will need to regularly meet tight deadlines.

2. Attend a Reputable Truck Driving School

Sign up for a program at a local truck driving school to kick-start your career. Look for a reputable school that offers both practical and classroom education, which will help you to pass the CDL exam with flying colours.

Every program will come with fees, and you could opt for a 30-day course or an in-depth one-year program.

3. Obtain a Commercial Driver’s License

To become a professional truck driver, you must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from your state. Every state will have its own CDL exam requirements, but you will more than likely need to pass both written and road skills tests.

For help getting started, visit your local DMV office to request your state’s commercial driver’s manual.

4. Pass the FMCSA Exam

In addition to attending driving school and obtaining a CDL, you will also be required to pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) exam. The written exam will cover federal traffic law, while the physical exam will focus on hearing and vision tests.

If you pass the written exam on the first attempt, you will be happy to learn you will never need to take it again. However, you must take the physical exam every two years to be a qualified truck driver.

5. Buy Your First Truck

While you could seek employment directly from a business, you could launch your own trucking company if you purchase your first truck.

For example, a transfer truck could help you to transport loose materials with ease, so you could enjoy a steady profit when working with professional construction companies.

6. Join a Freight Carrier Network

Another option you have is to join a freight carrier network. LTL freight carriers are incredibly popular with both small and medium-sized businesses, so your truck will be regularly loaded and on the open road. You will also receive fast, regular work and payments after joining a freight carrier network.

If you are considering a profession involving truck driving, these points can help you in terms of understanding the necessary steps to take. With due consideration, planning, and thought, you could be well on your way to changing your career sooner than you think.


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