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Six sigma is a set of tools and techniques that aid in the improvement process. Most companies around the world are using the methodologies of six sigma to make their efficiencies better while making more profits and savings. The levels will help you in improving your leadership capabilities in your career.

Though c Sigma is similar to Six Sigma, it focuses on efficiency that is greatest in the operation’s characteristics, while Six Sigma is concerned with doing away with the errors in the procedures. Lean Sigma stresses the identification of futile ways that consume resources and efforts. Lean Six Sigma will provide you with the procedural and analytic skills that are vital in managemental positions.

With Six Sigma, you will have the capability to renovate the processes in the way you handle things in your area of expertise. Six sigma has different levels; Black Belt, Green Belt, and Yellow Belt. You do not have to get certification in all levels, choose a level that suits the objectives of your career.

Below are the six sigma belts levels and the way that they will help you in your career.

Yellow Belt

Its certification will help you in knowing more about six sigma’s basics. It suits professionals that lead projects which need limited improvements. It is ideal for professionals who have a role that is limited to supporting activities that need improvement.

Green Belt

This certification is for people who are among the Team Management of Six Sigma. Additionally, it is for the professionals who assist with project management’s analysis and collection of data. If you learn the Green Belt and get the certification, you will be able to put to practice the Lean Six Sigma competently.

Black Belt

The Black Belt certification suits the leaders of the team whose work is to oversee significant improvement. Additionally, having this certification will help you with the actions that require problem-solving skills. 

The level will enable you to know Lean Sigma’s aspects fully. Six Sigma’s impact affects every level of every company. The effect on the companies has motivated other firms in every industry to adopt the Six Sigma.

Master Black Belt

A person with this certification coaches and trains the Green Belts and the Black Belts. They develop vital directions that are strategic and have metrics. They are the business technologists and consultants in Six sigma.

The Six Sigma Belt levels will help a business through the reduction of cost of operations, the satisfaction of clients, communication will improve among the members of a team, the quality of products will improve, and the productivity in the company will increase.

Benefits Of Six Sigma To Your Career

1) Advancement In Career

When you have the Six Sigma certifications, you will advance and succeed in your career. The certifications will endorse you to the people that will hire you because of the set of skills that you have. 

Though the competition to get employed may be stiff and challenging, proof of having and knowledge of how to use Lean Six Sigma will make you unique, and you might be employed. With Lean Six Sigma’s education, you will advance in your career and get promoted after a short period from your colleagues. 

2) Leadership And Managerial Ability

Quantifying and measuring the financial benefits will be easier for you once you have the certification from the Six Sigma. You will be ripe for the roles in leadership. You will become a good leader in your career as a result of the knowledge on how you will multiply revenue, and reduce costs.

 Also, you will know how you can efficiently improve the processes of business in your company. You will lead the efforts in enhancing the activities in the company, thus being an agent of change in the industry. Additionally, you will be vital in making the quality of services and products that will be delivered to clients better.

With the Six Sigma certification, you are likely to advance in your career as you will quickly grow into the managerial positions that are senior in the company.

Working on a Project Together

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3) Salary

With a Six Sigma certification, your wage will rise. You will be paid higher than your career mates who are in the same job bracket. Through the higher pay, you will cater for most of your needs. Additionally, you will not be underpaid; thus, you will be motivated to work and achieve more for your industry.

4) First-Hand Quality Management Experience

The Six Sigma certification has plenty of practical projects that are business-related. Besides, the Six Sigma certification will give you the experiences on how you can implement its principles to the situations in real-life. Before you get hired, you will have knowledge which is valuable in your career.

5) Understanding

When you get certified with the Six Sigma Belt levels, you will perform in your career efficiently and with knowledge of what you are undertaking. The certification will help you in the application of the methods which are essential in your career.

Unlike your career mates who have not undergone the Six Sigma or Lean certification, you will know the right issues to focus on and fix them appropriately. Besides, you will be aware of the methodology of finding the errors in the given task. With the certification, you will be able to concentrate on enhancing the processes in the best way possible.

6) Elimination Of Errors

You will be very vital in your career if you have attained the Six Sigma certification. You will be able to do away with errors that occur repetitively by identifying them on time. With the certification, you will help your business to multiply its revenue and be more profitable.

Without knowledge on how to identify the errors, the company could get damaged by the mistakes. Also, the customer’s needs will not be fully satisfied. With the certification, you can help the company reduce the complaints of the customers, resolution time for the allegations, the cost of overrun, and spending of the company.

7) Growth

When you apply the Lean Six Sigma Belts to your company, you will not only succeed in your career but also bring improvements to your business. You will be able to drive the new projects and initiatives which aim at improving the processes of the company. 

The engagements will provide an opportunity to grow career-wise as you will be tackling your area of expertise and attract recognition in the firm for spearheading the changes. The analytical skills that you will learn from Six Sigma Belt levels will be vital in looking keenly and gauging causes before you act on the findings.

 By these, you will act upon problems and bring systematic solutions. You will help the firm to procedure innovative promotion and elimination of waste, thus enabling the business to fulfill its goals.

Culture Of The Company

Lean Six Sigma is one of the cultures of the big companies. You will be expected to adapt and give contributions to the company to advance. Your contribution to the company will be very vital because of the importance it has for improvement purposes. 

 As a leader, you will be a role model for other employees, and thus they will be encouraged to uphold the culture of the company. By doing so, the company will succeed, and the culture of the company will be improved and adopted by the staff.

The Six Sigma Belt levels will help you in your career advancement as you will be vital to the organization through the knowledge that you will have acquired from the certification.

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