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Almost everyone strives to enjoy and experience that one beautiful day at work when everything would go well, and end with a happy note to cherish. However, quite amusingly, only some of us are ever successful in staying all positive, happy and optimistic at a workplace and return home with that smile of positive and a glow of happiness on our faces. From being unsatisfied with the job role to a lower salary scale, and lack of employee appreciation to workplace discrepancies, there are umpteenth reasons why employees tend to feel unhappy, pessimistic and less progress in company culture.

According to Forbes, a global study has revealed that around 79% of people quit their job by citing “lack of appreciation” as the reason behind it.

According to a Harvard Business Review Survey, around 58 percent of people are more likely to trust strangers more than their boss. Now, this could be a classic example of cultural distrust and leadership lows. While there could be too many reasons that pull back an employee from embracing positivity and progress in a workplace, we can always make things work with a bit of optimism, confidence, and zeal to make things fall into place. So, here’s precisely everything you need to know, and all that it would take for an individual to cling to progress and positivity in the workplace.

1. Stop Viewing Your Colleagues as Enemies

First things first, you got to stop viewing your colleagues as fierce competitors or enemies most of the times. I mean, it’s okay to keep that flame of competition burning, you guys may not be the best of friends, but viewing someone as a rival or enemy would only add up to the already existing negativities in the long run.

Being friends with your colleagues will allow you to grow, learn and know things in a better way. Moreover, unity among co-workers leads to better teamwork. This, as a result, will keep things positive and progressive at work.

2. Refrain From Including Office Stress in Your Personal Life

According to the American Institute of Stress, it has been stated that 80% of workers feel stress on the job. 2% of participants admitted having personally struck someone due to work stress. And in addition to it, the study has also revealed that 25% of respondents view job stress as the number one stressor in their individual lives.

While these stats are alarming and certainly don’t give us a happy picture to cherish and talk about, it’s time to take things more sincerely and refrain from including office stress and work-related anxieties in personal lives. The idea is to maintain a healthy balance between work and private space, by leaving work at the workplace, without being overburdened or allowing your job role to decide your happiness and peace of mind.

3. Maintain a Diary of Personal Records and Statement

To maintain a journal and to write down all daily life events, workplace achievements, stringencies and planning to figure out a suitable solution to it might prove to be a therapy with the power of instilling more positivity. It could be in the form of a blog, a personal essay or a statement defining your perspectives and mindset in a rather explicit and well-defined way. Posted in the doctorweighsin.com, writing can be a relaxing and calm pastime.

Keeping a journal and or merely developing the habit of writing at least once or twice in a week can help you communicate better with people in the workplace. Now, in case you are not too well-accustomed with the idea of mastering the skills of personal statement writing, you can always surf the internet and read through smart blogging and writing tips available in abundance.

4. Set Realistic Goals and Achieve Them With Perfection

There’s no denying the fact that happiness is a state of mind. It is all up to us to choose how we to define this state of mind and what efforts do we put forth to ensure the same. So, how about setting realistic and achievable workplace goals and focusing on it?

You can always create a to-do job list, and jot down all pending tasks in a structured manner. An organized and well-listed office assignment helps people sort their daily duties seamlessly, without being subjected to any significant confusion in the long run.

The idea is to refrain from overstuffing the list by setting a target of achieving too many goals, all at once. You can choose to complete at least a couple of assignments in a single day and then move on to the next set of tasks accordingly.

This, as a result, will help you to determine progress, prosperity and of course the happiness of accomplishing all tasks within the given deadline.

5. Start the Day With a Good Note and Optimism

This is one critical activity that can keep pessimism and anxieties away. If you are complaining about things around you right from the very start of the day, then it is quite likely that you won’t be able to embrace things in your workplace with positivity.

Thus, it is always a better idea to ensure an energetic and happy start and refrain from going too hard on yourself. You may try listening to soothing music on your pods, and get involved in activities like reading the daily newspapers, gardening, and the likes before heading towards your workplace. If there’s nothing to talk about or do except work, the stress could eventually get the better of you. So, consider having a great start to the day, keep smiling and put your best foot forward.


6. At Times, Acceptance Is the Best Policy

If you try to resist all adverse situations in the workplace and strive too hard to fight them off at any cost, then the anxiety and internal conflict occurring in your mind will only get the better of you. If there’s negativity in your workplace, then try to calm down, stay composed, accept the situation and look for the best solution that can resolve the issue at the earliest. At times, you have to face challenges as they come, overcome all hurdles and make things work.

If you find your boss is unhappy and irritated with you for the last couple of days, then don’t just get mad over such things; try and figure out the reasons instead. It might be because the person has high expectations from you or due to other consistent shortcomings and the likes. Work on the issue, fix the problem and come up with a confident smile on your face the next day. That’s how you do it!

To Wrap It Up

Nothing comes easily, and the things that do will not last long. This is one notion which is entirely applicable in the context of staying positive and progressive at work. Its how you look at things. There’s positivity everywhere; you need to figure it out.

Smile at everyone in your office, wish them a good morning, praise someone for the dress he/she is wearing, appreciate a team bonding, participate in group activities, attend dinners, take pictures with your co-workers, laugh about things, share and discuss the last web series you have watched over the weekend.

There are so many things to do you see! Negativity is only an evil you need to fight off and embrace positivity in the workplace.

Cheers to a great start!  




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