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Rapid advancements in technology can be both scary and exhilarating. For the job market, however, the changes are quite frequent. Those wanting to search for jobs shortly may find the landscape very different from what they expected.

Of course, the main reason behind the shifting job landscape is automation. Computer programs are growing smarter. Big data and deep learning mean that computers are moving forward on their own. This means that many jobs just may not b available for humans anymore.

There’s no need to panic though. Where there is job loss, there is always job creation.

Below are several jobs that would either still be in demand in 2020, or would be new positions due to the shifts in technology. Read on to find a potential career for your future:

1. Specialized Salespeople

Many companies could be thrown off course when technology invades their field. The company itself may adapt to this new advancement, but its customers may not be able to do the same.

For instance, solar panels are now facing replacement by smaller and thinner substitutes. These could be solar tiles that form a whole roof, or even thin sheets printed with solar ink.

Now customers have just gotten used to installing huge solar panels on their roofs. Companies would have to convince them of the benefits gained by making the switch. For this, they need a convincing and charismatic sales team. This, along with excellent customer service, is what would bring them, new clients, as well as retain old ones.

Additionally, solar power companies and those in other industries would also need to cater to a wider range of clients. The connected world is likely to bring in potential customers from all over the world. There would hence be a greater demand for people who could convince foreign companies, individuals, and even governments, to consider their product or service.

Moreover, salespeople who have an innate knowledge of digital marketing, mobile advertising, and general know-how would be sure to have a place.

There is only so much a robot can explain. Plus, people usually prefer to talk to a real human being for their queries and complaints. Hence, a career in sales could be the next most lucrative decision!

2. Someone to Analyze Data

The world of modern digital advertising is focused on gathering data about consumers. Surveys, feedback forms, and discussion forums mean that there’s a huge amount of data to process.

When analyzed well, this data could have a positive influence on developing a marketing strategy. A shoddy analysis, on the other hand, could mean a huge flop for any business.

Hence, all companies would be looking for professional data analysts by the year 2020. This is even more likely because technology would have caused many upheavals by then. This would, in turn, lead to quite a bit of analysis to be done.

So sharpen those analytic skills and take some courses now! This is just the time to get enough experience so that you could be in high demand come 2020.

3. Computer and Mathematical Occupations

The increase in technology would mean that those who can control would be in demand. Hence, you simply cannot go wrong with a background in computer science or any branch of mathematics. After all, it is people in these fields that have taken technology to where it’s standing today.

Job demand in 2020 for those in these fields are already soaring to new heights. It’s the age of the geek, and things are only going to get better for them. Software engineers and developers, computer programmers, information security analysts can all look forward to having a secure career in 2020.

4. Architects and Engineers

With the continued influence of technology, the demographics of society are also expected to change. We would need to move towards more vertical development. This would necessitate more architecture and engineering work.

As a result, engineers and architects are likely to stay in great demand. Their value would only go up as we approach 2020 and beyond.

Engineering backgrounds in materials, robotics, technology at all levels, and biochemicals would probably be among the topmost demanded in the labor market.

According to a report from the World Economic Forum,  by 2020 engineering and architectural jobs with a computer and mathematical relevance would be created in high numbers. An estimate of 2 million is put forward for now.

5. Teachers

The noble profession of teaching is often underestimated and underpaid. However, with technology would come the need to teach more and more new things every day. Hence, professional teachers for all kinds of developing fields would be the need of the hour.

 Moreover, a proper civilization is always in need of good teachers. It is to be hoped that teachers get the recognition and they pay they rightly deserve. This would then result in more qualified people choosing to teach rather than give it up for a more lucrative position.

6. Senior Management Positions

Businesses would be going through some very serious transitions shortly. 2020 would probably have companies switching over to new kinds of data analysis, problem-solving software, and gaining more digital access.

The senior management in such businesses would have to be the best in the field.

To cope with the many changes and job demands in 2020, senior managers would need to adopt new kinds of skills. These would help the whole organization to transform and keep up with the times with a minimum of loss. The media and entertainment industry would probably be most in need of such managers.

Television is on the way out, and live streaming is in. Hence, managers need to understand and work with this relatively new medium. Other examples of industries with this need include the information industry, as well as anything to do with advertising.


Labor markets are going through quick transformations, but humans are also nothing if not adaptive. There’s no need to fear the future or to avoid it. Anyone can start working on a new set of skills today. There will be a struggle, but it does get easier.

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