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Blockchain technology has emerged out as a missing element of the existing business processes. From retail to healthcare, education, travel, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain, technology are redefining the traditional ways of working in every industry. However, an unsung impact of Blockchain in the business world is in the employment sector.

Yes, Blockchain has revolutionized the employment sphere by bringing more jobs to the market.

As per a report by Upwork, the Blockchain development has become the hottest skill in the market, with a 6000% hike in the requirement graph, second to “Cloud.” Besides, the experts on Upwork shared that this demand will keep on rising with the growing popularity of the technology. This implies, beginning your career in the Blockchain is the most appropriate decision you can take in the present time, both regarding salary and market opportunities.

So, keeping the same into consideration, we will discuss the different types of Blockchain jobs you can look forward to in 2019 in this article.

1. Blockchain App Developer

Considering the growing hype of Blockchain technology, almost every tech company, government agency, and finance firms are looking forward to investing in the technology. This is resulting in sky-high demand for Blockchain app developers since the developers will build customized solutions for them.

Apart from this, freelance opportunities have also grown by leaps and bounds for “Blockchain development” skills. As per Upwork analysis, even a freelancer is earning between $25 and $250 per hour.

So, in case you are technically sound and have expertise in C, C++, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, JQuery, and other such technologies, this is the right job opportunity for you.

Learn the concepts of Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, and get your hands on programming languages like Solidity. This will uplift your chances of getting hired and earning a hefty amount.

2. Blockchain Project Manager

The Blockchain Project Manager, as the name defines, will manage everything related to Blockchain development in association with the business needs. He will act as a mediator between the business and the blockchain app developers; communicating to streamline the blockchain development process, mitigate the challenges, and encouraging to deliver the exceptional services within stipulated budget and resources.

With said, he will be answerable to both the business owners and the blockchain application development company regarding the progress and success ratio of the investment in Blockchain technology.

When applying for this job, bear in mind that it is in a managerial position between a tech and a non-tech person. You need to have expertise in converting technical information into layman’s language and vice-versa, which implies you need to have a sound knowledge of Blockchain technology.

Besides, you need to be exceptionally good at defining the project scope, budget, delivery process, deadlines, etc. that goes ideally with the Agile software development environment.

3. Blockchain Quality Engineer

A Blockchain Quality Engineer has the responsibility to determine and maintain the quality of Blockchain networks. In this job, one has to research and refer the advanced Blockchain-related tools and techniques to test automation as well as manual testing methods, such that they support mobile and web engineering.

One has to have a sound knowledge of developing, performing, and maintaining Quality Analysis (QA) automated test standards. Besides, one needs to possess the skills to define, write, and execute new test automation strategies for better load performance tests.

If you have these skills within you or can introduce them to you, you can look forward to applying for becoming a Blockchain Quality Engineer.

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4. Blockchain Web Designer

As a large number of startups and established brands have turned towards using cryptocurrencies into their traditional processes, there’s a higher demand for designing the websites and pages that let the customers, clients and other involved people get familiar with what the company has to offer.

Therefore, applying for the position of a Blockchain Web Designer is yet another exciting opportunity you can respond to.

To become a Blockchain web designer, you need to have expertise in web designing, i.e., knowledge of HTML, CSS, and designing tools like Sketch.

Along with this, you need to possess exceptional communication skills and an innovative vision to build an engaging interface as per the client requirement and the resources provided.

5. Blockchain Legal Consultant

The growing momentum of Blockchain is making the companies take an interest in embracing technology. However, there are various companies around wondering how to structure and employ Blockchain-based solutions, especially at the legal front. This is where the need for a Blockchain legal consultant comes into the limelight.

As depicted by the job title, a Blockchain legal consultant advises the business owners on how to incorporate Blockchain into their existing business model.

The Blockchain consultants offer legal advice on how to invest in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), how to build legal partnerships and contracts called Smart Contracts, how to deal with numerous merger-and-acquisition activities, and how to launch a Blockchain-based solution for growing their business and enjoy higher benefits.

If you have a comprehensive knowledge of Blockchain, but don’t want to get into the technical sphere, look forward to becoming a consultant.

6. Blockchain Intern

Unlike the aforementioned job profiles, this will be an entry-level position in the Blockchain technical world.

By getting an internship in a Blockchain app development company, you will be able to explore the varied aspects of the Blockchain sphere and choose your respective stream. But for enrolling, you need to have sound technical knowledge and experience with C++, Java, Node JS, HTML, CSS, Go RESTful, React, Solidity, and Truffle.

When talking about an internship, the roles and responsibilities usually vary depending on the startup or established company you have joined. However, the prime roles are designing and developing Blockchain apps, conceptualizing use cases and proof of concepts, executing software solutions for Blockchain and Linux platforms, building pilot solutions for distributed ledger technologies, etc.

So, now as you know what kind of Blockchain jobs market is looking for, prepare yourself accordingly. Determine the right role you want to make your career in, invest in the right courses, and polish the skills. Participate in Blockchain conferences, meetings, and hackathons, and make a great fortune.


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