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Many people take the skill of driving for granted when it comes to their career, yet it is a valuable skill, particularly in today’s economy of online shopping where more and more delivery drivers are needed to facilitate growing orders.

That said, not everyone is keen to do the training necessary to obtain a hr drivers licence, meaning you could become a truck driver and drive heavy rigid trucks as this requires a lot more skill, training, and potential risk on the road.

Indeed, people are more interested in ways to make extra money from driving, on a freelance basis, so this article shares a few of the best ideas to make an extra income from driving whilst retaining your sense of freedom.

1. Home Removal

If you have a big enough van, or even a large enough car, then you can help people move home, particularly students, which doesn’t require too large a vehicle – and this can be a good way to make some extra cash at the weekend.  

2. Advertise on your vehicle

Presuming your car or van is in a good aesthetic condition and is reasonably new, one of the easiest ways to make money from a vehicle is to use this prime advertising space as a canvas to house adverts.

 Today, there are several companies looking for vehicles to brand with their clients advertisements and these companies will pay a decent amount of money, particularly if you live in a desirable city location and/or spend a lot of time driving.

This might be one of the best ways to earn a passive income; meaning you are making money without having to put any additional time into things.

3. Drive for Uber

Uber can be a fantastic way to make money if you are prepared to put in the hours.  In New York, for instance, working 30 hours per week will net you around $1,500… whilst many drivers will work well in excess of this.

There is of course an application process with companies like Uber and Lyft, so you won’t be able to make money instantly, but it’s a solid freelance option for people that enjoy driving.  

In terms of qualifications, you’ll need to be over twenty-one, and drive a reasonably new car, with a clean driving licence and no criminal record.

4.  Become a Chauffeur

If you fancy something a little higher end than driving for company such as Lyft or Uber, and you happen to have a luxury car this could be for you.  Sites like Juno, currently only operating in New York, the UK, Russia and Israel connect professional people looking for luxury cars with drivers – though the criteria is pretty controlled.

For instance you must have a car that is 2011 or newer in black, dark blue, silver or white – and it then has to be registered with the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission.

That said, drivers keep 100% of their trips and 90% of the total fare – meaning it’s a great way to make money, particularly in consideration of the value of the fare.

5. Team up with a Local Takeaway

The popularity of app based food ordering services has created such a significant demand for food delivery drivers that restaurants have almost always got signs in their windows.  

This can be an easy, simple and speedy way to get some extra cash and whilst it might not offer much in way of career progression, it’s a good way to make a sideline income, as you get paid not from the deliveries themselves but also from customer tips.

There is, of course, an alternative if you don’t drive a car or prefer to ride a bike, which is to signup with a company like Deliveroo that use cyclists to deliver food as an environmentally friendly, cheap, and healthy alternative to driving.

 This is particularly popular in big cities such as New York, London and San Francisco.

6.  Rent your car out

If you’re looking for a way to turn your dormant vehicle into cash, on the basis you’re not always driving your car, then you can actually rent your car out to other people using a model similar to AirBnB with sites such as Turo that are essentially car sharing marketplaces.

How it works is that you designate where the hirer picks the car up from (e.g. your home or office) they pay to hire it, then return it to you – making you a decent profit without having to do anything, other than deal with the pain of not having transport for a few hours.

This is a great way to make extra money without having to put in extra time, similar to the idea of displaying advertisements on your car.

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