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So schools out, well, it’s for those who have choosen not to get involved in any summer lessons. Some might be sitting by the pool, soaking in the rays and enjoying time off from your normal accounting classes, you might probably be thinking life is great.

But at some point, you also hear a little voice from the back of your mind asking about your proposed accounting experience. Where you’re going to fit in after leaving school and also questioning when you should really be getting prepared for the CPA exams.

Instead of forming deaf and pushing off these thoughts and scheduling a new day, we have listed below fee actionable things that you can take on to help you kick off on an accounting career.

1. Create a List of Companies You Want to Work For

Have you defined or have in mind the company you want to work for? You can decide if you want to go into public accounting or private. Do you want to go into tax, audit, consulting, or governmental accounting?

Most time you should wait till this moment gets near. You can search in your local area or a quick jump on Google will reveal the type of companies and position you’d like to work for.

You can reach out to us here on surgentcpa for some advice and we will give you a clear picture regarding what you’re interested in.

After deciding on which path to trading, you should get ready to follow these crucial steps that will guarantee success on the path you choose.

2. Develop the Vital Skills

Without a lie, one of the software programs you’ll use in every accounting company is Microsoft Excel. By having an upper grasp of this application, you will be positioned on high and become very useful among your team in the company.

A lot of students only have the basic knowledge of the software, but as a future CPA, you should know more so as to position yourself as an expert among your colleagues in the company.

If you know how to do lookups, macros and how to do pivot tables, chances are your boss will likely want you on their table and you will have many advantages over your peers dying for the same position.

3. Sitting for the CPA Exams

As a college student looking to get a career as a CPA, you’d be eligible to start taking CPA’s exams. Like it’s always said, the sooner you get to pass it, the quicker you’ll be on your journey to becoming a certified public accountant.

4. Up to Date Resumes

You might have an old resume, as a matter of fact, people rarely review their resume. If it’s not up to date with most of the relevant job opportunities and the accounting classes you have been taken, then you might want to check that out and do the needed stuff.

You should set aside a moment to review and add much life your resume and make it look good. It can be during summer, or your free time like you know spelling or grammar errors are wrong and automatically disqualifies.

5. Rehearsing Your Interview Skills

If you need a job, you must first get hired. To achieve this, you will need strong strong communicating skills. This means you must walk into the interview office with confidence, articulate and well rounded.

Doing any one of these 5 things steps this summer will increase your chances of success in your current or future accounting career. Don’t let this summer go to waste. After all, it’s never too early to start preparing for the rest of your life!


Practicing one of these steps during your free time would increase your chance of success chosen career.

You should let every moment in your life into waste and start to develop your accounting career. Without many words, it’s never too late to start foreseeing and working towards achieving your career.


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