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“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.” Fred Rogers

Are you one of those people always on the run?

Always doing something important?

Always thinking ahead?

Stress is today one of the most common issues for most people no matter their age, occupation, status or wealth. Sometimes, stress is taking too much of your energy even to have any left to notice what is going on.

Therefore, check out these 5 signs of stress and discover how to overcome them:

1. Poor sleep

When your mind refuses to shut up and keeps you up at night, it might be a sign of stress. So, what can you do about it and rest all night peacefully?

First, write down your worries, what is stressing you and free your mind from any negative thoughts.

Second, remind yourself that, at night, you can’t solve anything and refreshed, the next day you will sort out whatever needs sorting out.

2. Almost nothing makes you laugh

Stress takes the fun and joy out of your life because it is forcing you to think only of the things you ought to do and nothing else; everything else seems trivial, unimportant and a waste of precious time.

If that is happening to you, get together with (hilarious) people or watch stand-up comedy. In the beginning, it might get you annoyed or even angry “I have so many things to do, and I’m sitting here listening jokes.” However, pretty soon you forget your worries and start laughing. When something is funny, you can’t resist for too long not to laugh.

3. Little zest for life

Get involved in groups/clubs that share your passions, hobbies or physical activities you enjoy. Remind yourself that work, work, work with no fun is a wasted life.

4. Your mind seems to be stuck in a loop

If you find yourself going in a never ending circle, getting back again and again to the same idea, maybe it is time to change your mind.

Start by thinking of mundane things like what perfume to wear today and then, think of more interesting things like a field of poppy in May and finish with thoughts about productive things you can do right now.

5. Feeling afraid

“I will miss the train,” “I will get fired,” “My boss/employees don’t like me,” “I will miss the deadline.”

All of these are examples of stress caused by fear.

Let go of that fear and know that what is to happen will happen “Que sera, sera”. You can’t see into the future, but you can, though, do your best, you can be proactive, you can take the steps needed to accomplish what you want, you can regroup and try again, you can ask for help, you can deal with whatever life puts in front of you.

There is no problem without a solution as there is no river without a course.

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Carmen Jacob is the co-founder of upjourney.com and the creator of several self-improvement guides, programs, courses, and books, which focus on using what you already have to improve your life and the life of those around you. She provides knowledge so that you can recognize your opportunities and chances and take advantage of them in an ethical and constructive way.

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