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Imagine receiving a late-night call to save a family of 3 caught on fire. The instinctive thing for a firefighter is to put on the boots, overall, helmet, jacket and other protective gear as they run to save not only wealth but lives too.

The family’s lives rely on your ability to work fast; there’s no time for second guessing because your safety is also at stake. The reality is that the career takes a lot of courage because aside from the rewards and praises you see on TV, firefighters risk a lot.

Although, firefighters remain alert for 24 hours straight because emergencies may occur at wee hours of the night you still see people lining up for firemen selection. Why do you think it happens? The career is so rewarding when compared to others.

It’s scary to see the firemen jump into the fire blaze with trust in their gut that they will be okay. It’s one of the careers that require you to listen to and trust your instincts whenever an emergency occurs. New people want to partake in it.

So, Why would you want to build a career in firefighting?

1. Firefighters Are Community, National, and Global Heroes

You see, they dedicate their lives to save families and wealth sometimes at the risk of losing their own. The fire department has been in business for ages, and even though the number of fire reports and accidents has massively dropped over the years, the fire department is still essential.

The primary reason someone would choose a firefighting career is that of their sense of servitude and responsibility to their community. Notice that, California-US is prone to catching wildfires. This makes the natives want to join the fire department to protect their community.

Police are happy when they protect you against criminals, a humanitarian worker enjoys seeing a refugee smile, and a firefighter knows that between the blazes and the human lives he is the saviour.

They undergo training that helps them make a wise decision while knowing that every fire call is an emergency. But, saving lives comes from instincts of humanity and service which ultimately makes them heroes.

2. They Thrive in Action

A firefighter is a risk taker that performs well when there’s an emergency. They must possess extra strength and endurance as well as focus. It requires you to love physical fitness. A good firefighting station must have a workout equipment place.

From lifting weights, running, walking, swimming and any form of exercise that will keep you healthy and fit on-duty exercise makes you strong. In the process of maintaining fitness for your job, you are supporting your health.

A firefighter’s job also causes an adrenaline rush of excitement. The experience of adrenaline rush thrills many people especially when they achieve their goal. They require courage to take a risk and act fast, and the reward is saving a  home or a family from a fire. The knowledge that you meaningfully and honestly helped and protected someone.

The attractive thing about firefighting isn’t just about the rush to save that comes with it but also the thought that you will contribute to a community maybe even a nation.

3. Teamwork

Although most jobs call for you to work as a team, the firefighters must work as a team to save. If you don’t do well in a group, then this won’t suit you. They depend on each other to finish a task. Division means risking the lives of your partner and whoever you want to save.

Since they work together as a team, it’s natural to develop a bond for each other. They become like one large family of brothers and sisters. Note that, they spend 24 hours at the station which means that the station is their second home.

They prepare meals together and share them. Meals are the best way to bring people together. The fact that they work together towards a common goal while spending so much time together makes them lifelong friends if not family.

The technology has made people work like robots; they don’t connect because they spend time on computers all day long. An opportunity to work at a place where your team understands and listens to you will only come at a firefighting job.

4. Flexible Working Shifts

Don’t lie to yourself, a firefighting career is demanding, risky, and will require that you stay on the job for more hours. But, it allows you to choose the shifts that are most comfy for you. A firefighter works for up to 24hours sometimes then takes 48 hours break.

For those who don’t like the usual schedule of 9 to 5 jobs because of the routine, this fits them perfectly. You are free to choose your working shift schedule which includes night duties. Most jobs won’t allow you to work at night which is a plus for a firefighting career.

When taking shifts, you get time to rest and maybe venture into other activities if you have them. At your free time, you could run your own business, or take some other part-time jobs for the extra cash. If you plan well, despite the rare nature of fighting a fire these days, you will make money.

5. It Offers Job Security Among Other Benefits

There is always a demand for firefighters which means that you don’t have to worry about the possibility of losing your job. Job security is specifically essential to maintain a stable family. Besides, this is a state job which means you earn retirement benefits, health insurance among other benefits.

The firefighting job gives you a good pension plan which is security after you retire. Mark you, you can retire while young. Other benefits include a competitive salary which is on average $45,829 P.A in the USA and other allowances during service.

A career as a firefighter will give you peace of mind as you take care of your bills.

Firefighter Training

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Many people want to build a firefighting career.  The bureau of labour statistics believes that more people will apply for firefighting jobs.

Whether they achieve their ultimate satisfaction, I don’t know, but it’s accurate to say that whenever a fireman saves a life they experience excitement and happiness like never before.

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