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Acquiring the right knowledge can give you a head start while the wrong information could destroy all you have achieved. Same way, the right advice can bring the most out of people, help them achieve whatever they desire but what if it goes another way around? You never know, what you think as a blessing, can turn out to be disastrous and much more.

People who are working in companies or industries before you, are supposed to provide you with a few pieces of advice and share better insight of work culture. But take it as a note, people are suggesting devastating advice that could ruin your entire career and destroy all that you can achieve. So, yes, it does matter what you conceive and how you react to it, as it is going to decide whether you will land on your dream job or not.

Since there are thousands of advice revolving around. We have summoned up some advice that one should ignore.

So, here’s a look at 5 pieces of job search advice that people suggest work but they don’t!

1. “Take the Job with the Highest Pay”

This is the most common piece of job search advice that you might receive while you are on your job search “if they pay you well, take that job”. You might even find your parents or friends suggesting you take the job that provides maximum benefits and maybe why not.

But here is a thing, is money all that what matters? For some, it might but the question is can money make it up to other things that you lose on an everyday basis? Can it compensate for every other thing that you have lost or will lose just because money is all that matters right?

Here’s a billion-dollar saying “Money cannot buy happiness” and one should agree with this.

Imagine you are stuck at a job where you are getting a good salary and lots of incentives but eventually it’s boring or you don’t see any progress in your role, or nothing motives you about that job. Will you be able to find happiness in such a place or will you be able to grow in your career at all? I think it’s a big No.

One should always keep this in mind that money should be one of the factors deciding your job search and not your primary factor. A job seeker should always take up the job where they think they can represent their skills in the best manner possible and see a lot of opportunities to grow in the corporate sector.

2. “If It’s Comfortable, Stick to It”

This is one of the most delusional job search advice that you will receive your entire life. You will always find people around you, telling you to stick up to that role where you are most comfortable at. But here is a thing, there is no relation between comfort and success in the corporate world.

If a job offers you comfort, then it’s a job or role that you are already familiar with. There is nothing new, nothing that amazes you, nothing that is challenging or pushes your limits. In short, you can be comfortable at a job but still not have peace of mind which is essential to get a person going.

We have to agree that being comfortable at a job is more damaging in the long term than being uncomfortable and taking up risks. A person who is comfortable at work can never achieve great things. He/she can never express their potential at the maximum. And if it’s not challenging maybe it’s not worth it. Therefore, one should be coming up with new ideas and strive to push their limits every day.

When you challenge yourself, you learn and grow. Thus, it is very essential to be restless and uncomfortable at your work all the time.

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3. “Always Dress up for an Interview”

Job-seekers appearing for interviews, definitely wish to look professional and polished. Since people in our country follow a very western-focused culture, they have started to believe that its important to always dress up nice and appealing.

Professionals that dress upright has set a benchmark-criteria to wear proper clothes to organisations. But one should always remember that work culture could be different in different organisations and every organisation focus on a different set of skills.

There are so many examples where existing employees wear jeans/t-shirt and there is no code for professional clothes. Thus, wearing such appealing clothes is of no use in such organisations, rather your work says it all. In many of the organisations including Google itself, there is no code to dress.

People have full freedom to wear whatever makes them most comfortable. These organisations focus more on results rather than employees everyday attire. They believe that results and success is what all matters and not some clothes that reflects nothing.

Thus, this is a big myth that people should dress up nice for their interviews.

4. “Downplay Your Achievements and Abilities”

The worst thing you could do to yourself or your career growth is when you downplay your own set of skills. You will find several people who do not display their achievements properly especially when it comes to selling themselves to the right recruiters. And thus, they never get the right job.

Many might feel that praising your skills is too much or candidates boast about themselves but it’s not. It’s never that way. A job seeker should always know the right way to market themselves and display all of their skills. One should always speak to their accomplishments and let others know what is their expertise and what all one has achieved.

Therefore, if someone is advising you to keep it low and don’t reveal too much about yourself, then it’s the kind of advice you should ignore.

5. “Take a Job for Now”

The easiest way to stress yourself and sadden your life is by engaging in the wrong place of work. There will be thousands advising you to take a position for now and change it later when you have the opportunity but maybe in the real world, it doesn’t work that way.

One should never take up a role where they feel they are overqualified and cannot display their skills efficiently. If you are temporarily assigned a role where you are not comfortable or observe no growth, you might end up hating the place, your role and everything around you.

Thus, it’s better to say No to such positions and save both, time and energy for yourself as well as recruiters. Also, only alternative to cure this situation is by quitting the role and all of its responsibilities and be tagged as a Job Hopper.

Therefore, it’s best to be patient and stick where you feel you can be yourself, can display your skills efficiently and utilize most resources. People are often eager to flood you with advice that could make or ruin your future. Always remember, all advice is not good advice and can leave a devastating impact.

We need to realize that people should work to live and not the other way around. Some spend the exact number of hours at work, while many believe that overtime will grant them success faster than their colleagues. Well, this might have worked a decade ago but today, it is considered as a sign of inefficiency in an individual.

Nearly 4 out of 10 employees in the same department procrastinate their daily tasks, which is why they have to work extra hours beyond their regular shifts. People need to understand the exact value of things and thus, should work by that job search advice.

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Johnathan Connor is an HR professional. After successfully completing his Masters in Human Resource Management from Australia, he started working as an assistant recruiter in a highly valued MNC. Presently,he writes for My Assignment Services

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