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With an economy that many say is booming, there are many Americans who are curious as to what future job prospects there will be. One category of careers that hold a lot of promise is those in the medical field.

While some may think only of doctors and surgeons when presented with career options, there are actually a plethora of jobs within the medical realm requiring only two or three years of education.

Here are a few of the top job prospects in the medical field that won’t have you in school for the next decade.

1. Physician Assistant

While physicians may be in school for a minimum of 10 years, a physician assistant needs only be in school for a maximum of 3 years, with many graduating from a program in as little as 2 years. The estimated future unemployment rate is projected to be less than 1% and it was recently ranked as the number two healthcare job and the number three overall job in the United States by a major news magazine.

A physician assistant can expect to work in pretty much any hospital or clinic and will work alongside nurses and EMT’s. They should also have a thorough familiarity of most medical supplies

2. Nurse Anesthetist

This position may not often be thought about when the subject of medical careers comes up, but the role of a nurse anesthetist is both a fulfilling and very well-paid one. The degree for this position can be had in approximately 2-3 years. The purpose of a nurse anesthetist is to administer anesthesia during surgery. Many who practice in this field are also responsible for pain management both before and after the surgery.

Nurse anesthetists are most often found working in hospitals that have busy emergency rooms and pain-management clinics.

3. Registered Nurse

It is very commonly known that the United States is suffering from an enormous shortage of qualified nurses. That is why the outlook for job openings is so spectacular. Industry experts have stated that the shortage is caused by the retirement of so many baby boomers.

For the younger generation of students just coming out of high-school or for people who are looking to make a career change, they would do very well by looking into becoming a registered nurse.

4. Athletic Trainer

Of course, some people may not want to work within the confines of a hospital or clinic. For these people, a career in the field of athletic training may be just what they are looking for. There are many places in which an athletic trainer may work ,including schools and colleges, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and others. This is a job where positivity and people-skills definitely come into play.

Athletic trainers are on the front lines of injury prevention, obesity prevention, and emergency care.

5. Occupational Therapist

As the workforce ages, many employees face the risk of an injury happening in the workplace. An occupational therapist has the role of showing both employees and employers how to work smarter while on the job and how to avoid stress-related injuries. There are, unfortunately, many jobs where OSHA-compliance is not at the top of their list.

An occupational therapist can help to change this. An occupational therapist has the challenge of helping a patient learn to do everyday tasks again after an accident or an illness.

As can be seen here, there are many medical careers that hold much promise for future opportunities. While there were only a few mentioned here, there is a wealth of openings and positions available, one just needs to do a small amount of research to find them and see if it is right for you.

Try checking with local community colleges to see what medical field degrees or certificates are available from them and to see what financial aid may be available to the prospective student. One thing is for sure, the need for qualified and well-educated medical personnel will not be ceasing anytime soon. For those who want a career in medicine, the sky is the limit!


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