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Do you know to how Venus Williams became a successful entrepreneur?

Yes, the tennis superstar, Venus Williams is a proud founder and CEO of a niche-based clothing line called EleVen and an interior design firm known as V Starr Interiors.    

Yes, the 7-time Grand Slam winner is a lot more than an incredible sportsperson, since she is also a proven figure when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship.

Venus Williams is a lot like those successful business leaders, who firmly believe in nurturing a powerful crew of people while sticking to robust leadership ideologies. Yes, they are the ones, who prefer going heads-on with new opportunities and challenges.  

On the other hand, employees often the interns are on the opposite side of the spectrum, since they are unaware about themselves and their strongholds.

The most common goal of an intern or an employee starting afresh is not about dominating the sports industry, but is more of self-discovery i.e., who am I? where do I fit in and what do I want to do with my life?

If you too are thinking the same, then not to worry, as you are not hotfooting alone, since there are millions of people stuck with this very thought.

So without further ado, here are 5 amazing characteristics that you ought to learn from someone successful like Venus Williams.

1. Look out for good mentorship

Every successful sportsperson has had a mentor or coach pushing themselves to bring out the best. Yes, these are the people, who provided them with the required morale support, grit, training and mentoring as the sportspersons sweated out hard to achieve their goals.  The same goes for you!  

Professional mentors/trainers work as key catalysts for amateurs as they look for proven guidance and assistance. We all need a dependable yet stable entity to answer the various questions, highlight our mistakes and drive us towards our goals.      

So right from sending out that application to your dream company to prepping for interview and rocking your first day at work, it is good to seek for expert mentoring or consulting from an experienced career consultant.

After all, sportspeople never celebrate their victories alone!

2. Treat your colleagues the way you would want yourself to be treated!

Never forget that sports is mainly about coordination and teamwork. Take for example the ace sisters Serene and Venus Williams, they constantly push each other during their matches and also to reach new altitudes.

Venus was the first African American woman to claim the number 1 position in women’s Open Era. In fact, Serena has been successfully dominating the women’s tennis category since more than a decade now.

It is the teamwork that is helping the Williams sisters fly high, since they have won 13 Grand Slam titles playing doubles.

Now for someone, who starting his/her career afresh, it can come quite easy to attain his or her goals by simply leaving others behind in the rut. Though this might sound great for a short period of time, it will certainly shoot you down in the long run.  

Thus, it is advisable for you to be both competitive as well as kind. This can be anything from helping a fellow teammate in some project or switching schedules or shifts with another employee or providing assistance when solicited.

Yes, you can reach the top without having to climb over other folks!

2. Never hesitate to break free from tradition

A change in working pattern or style infers that you are open for personality as well as interpersonal change. Though things at the beginning may turn chaotic or the change may trigger some seismic shifts, in the end, it is all about escaping the pigeonhole and flying out of your comfort zone.  

For a lot of sportspeople, it is similar to leaping out of a mountain!  

However, if executed with diligence and vision, the change can pan out into a career-changing and positive move. As long as you are breaking the old school for good, you are striding the right way.  

Venus Williams as well as other triumphant sportspeople are great leaders not just because of their stupendous vision and leadership traits, but also because of their willingness to face new challenges everyday thus, becoming idols that others can look up to.

3. Meet your problems head-on

Most of the successful sportspeople-turned-business leaders including Venus Williams prefer facing complex challenges head-on that most of us tend to keep at bay.  

Yes, confronting challenges head-on infers that an individual is all geared up to explore and achieve new altitudes. Ignoring your problems simply means that you lack the strength and grit to handle them.  

This is where most of the newbies tend to lag, since they often put in half-hearted efforts when making difficult decisions thinking that it goes to someone else instead of viewing it as a great opportunity to stand out from the herd.

The successful ones look out for opportunities when it comes to making tough decisions, since they tend to boast of a stronger vision pertaining to the decisions they make.  

4. You can’t win everyday!

Yes, things won’t fall in place everyday!

As a matter of fact, even Venus Williams faced loss 35 times to be precise including thrice in the finals of grand slam. Though some tend to be stuck amidst the loss letting the defeat override them, Venus on the other hand sets a great example by facing the loss head-on and using it as a fierce motivation.

She is a wonderful example of picking ourselves up and driving motivation from each loss.  

When starting your career afresh, we tend to make mistakes due to lack of experience and confidence, but make sure that you don’t let the defeat scare you from taking up the next key decision or task.  

Believe in yourself for the world to believe in you

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