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So many people across the world are pouring themselves into the medical field to study various health-related courses. And this is for good reasons.

The medical field is wide, and getting a job is not much of a hustle. But if you are still undecided on whether or not to take up a medical assistant job, then read on to find out why becoming a medical assistant is good for you.

1. Quick Training

One thing to note is that the medical assistant field does not require any formal education. However, completing a certification or associate’s degree program can put you on top of so many things.

Here, it is not just about the job opportunities or salary, but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing a lot of information that doctors know.

And to get a certification or degree program in this field is not that hard. You actually don’t need to stay in school for years to get the certification. Within a year or two, you will already be a professional medical assistant, with papers to back it up.

2. Many Available Job Opportunities

The demand for medical assistants has always been on the rise, thanks to the ever-increasing population and technological advancements. This means that getting a job as a medical assistant is not hard. Once you have the papers, especially a degree, you will easily and without any doubt get a good-paying job in any of the many fields of medical assistance.

This is unlike business or the law fields, where getting a job is quite hard, even though the population is increasing. So why would you choose a career in a very competitive area, when you can choose a less competitive career and get a well-paying job?

3. Flexible Schedule

In most cases, medical assistance chooses to work on a full-time basis, 40 hours a week basis. This is where choice, as the field, provides for one deciding on how he/she wants to work. You can choose to go for a part-time basis, where you can have time to do other things apart from your main job.

However, this will depend on the policies of the facility you are working with. Note that if you have been stationed in areas such as the emergency clinics, then your schedule might be tight, given that you cannot predict when an emergency service will be required.

4. Personal Fulfillment

If you are the type of person that gets satisfaction through helping others, then medical assistance is the best career choice for you. You will be able to interact with patients, nurses and other people within the facility. This way, you can get to help the best way you can, thus fulfilling your desire to help other people.

But the desire to help others should not be the determining factor when joining this field. Remember that as a human race, we have the natural feeling of helping other people.

5. It’s a Stable Career

You have probably heard of cases where many people have been laid off due to lack of market. Or still, people have been fired due to technological advancements. Such things are unheard of in the medical field.

There will always be a demand for assistants, whether technology advances or not. This is to say, as a medical assistant, you have a stable job where you can rest assured of work, anytime, anywhere.

It is also good to note that medical assistants can work anywhere in the world. This is to say that even if you are considering to shift to a new state, your medical skills will still be needed in your new place. This way, you cannot go without a job, even for a single month.


Taking up a job as a medical assistant has more benefits than what you have been told. Look at all the challenges facing other professionals, and remember that those challenges are a non-issue to medical assistants.


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