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“It does not make any sense to recruit smart people and then tell them what to do- we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” -Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple

Hiring the right talent is not a piece of cake. When an employee is not right for your job role and is a weak work-culture fit, it will cost you a lot. As the US Department of labor suggests, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30% of that individual’s annual income. Hiring the wrong candidate is very expensive and time-consuming. The startup companies face this challenge predominantly.

Now, would you want to risk that?

No organization is exempt from the struggle to find the right candidate. You are going to need a strategy for finding the right talent. Don’t worry we are here to help you to go in the right direction. We have listed five effective tips for you to find the right talent.

The three lynchpins of hiring the right talent are finding, attracting, and retaining talented employees. Not to mention, these three challenges have long vexed even the reputed companies.

Well, just like in business, strategies and tactics used to attract customers and increase your success rate, we have listed the tricks for acquiring and retaining the right talent as well.

1. Where to Look for the Right Candidate?

Recruiters have to go through an assortment of problems to come across the right candidate for their company. Knowing where to look for the right talent is one of the problems.

Good Database:

The best way to sort this out is to assimilate the company’s database of the potential candidates and even source in targeted email lists from external sources.

Through a good database, you can easily contact the candidates and performing a social profile edit of your database will help approach your candidates through social media. It can streamline most of your recruitment tasks.  

Social Media:

Online recruiting is all about finding the right candidate and connecting with them via social sites over the internet. We all are very aware of the fact that social media is where people hang out the most nowadays, express their thoughts and bond with each other.  We consider it the focal point for online interaction.

Several sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster.com, Twitter, and a handful of other applications offer tremendous opportunities for recruiters to connect with candidates.  

Certain Facts You Have to Consider While Recruiting Online Are:

  • Use filters to find the right talent like location, experience, current or past company details and expectations. This methodology will surely help you to zero- in on candidates easily
  • Promote your work culture to show that your company is a great place to be in and organically attract candidates
  • Check if their posts that are online counter to the guiding principles of your company


Internships are an efficient way to find candidates’ worthiness. Facilitating such short-term hiring at your company can help you decide whether the candidate deserves a permanent job in your company or not.

Job Fairs and Network Connections:

If you prefer to meet the candidate face and face and highlight your employer brand then there is always the option of Job Fairs. It allows you to find the right talent and interact in person and hopefully in volumes too.

You can ask for leads from your current employees and encourage them to refer- E-engage with the top performers and persuade them to do so. Word-of-mouth recruiting can help those candidates to come for an interview in your company who already have a sense of trust in you.

2. Review the Credentials and Pre-screen the Candidates

Yes, reviewing the resumes, cover letters can save the recruiting and selection time. Check if they meet your expectations, and pre-screen the candidates to check if their qualifications truly match the relevant job role. You can also determine their salary expectations and flexibility; be sure to check if their salary expectations are congruent with your best intentions.

Scan through their resume to obtain an overall impression of the applicant. Determine if they fulfil your key expectations. Look especially for their previous work experience and work samples; this will give you an idea about the flawless key qualifications you are looking for in your candidate. 

Review their accomplishments, contributions and stated experience. We request you to make the relevant keywords easy to find to match with the right candidate.

Lastly, schedule interviews with those people who pass your initial screenings.

3. Background Checks

To ensure that the candidate has the required skills, education, and experience, doing a background check is vital. Some companies volunteer for more of such information for the sole purpose of confirmation.

Recruiters should crosscheck the presented details carefully and must also include references from credible entities. Scrutinizing their criminal history is a great option too.

Other Background Checks Include

  • Verification of residential address
  • Federal civil history
  • Education history and degrees

A background check reveals a personality trait or a unique response to a situation that could be a real asset to your team. Keep in mind that a productive business is dependent on responsible employees and information provided by a candidate can influence your company’s reputation once you hire them.

4. Right Job Interview Questions

5 Effective Tips for Recruiting the Right Talent | CareerMetis.com

Good content is necessary for increasing the web traffic of a business, and likewise, it is crucial to ask the right question to understand the potential of a candidate.

Preparation is the key here, and when we say that, it not only applies to the job seekers but also the recruiters. This conversation is your best chance to determine the solidity of an individual. However, you will figure out the efficiency of the candidate only if you ask the right questions.

So, what should you ask?

Your focus as a recruiter is to find someone who possesses the cut-and-dried qualifications for the job. Ask questions about the skills that will make them the most qualified for the job.

Include questions describing their achievements just to ease their tension and boost confidence. Ask about the challenges they have faced before and how did they deal with them. This assessment will help you gain information about the work pressure they can handle.

To understand more about the ideal work environment they are looking for, ask about what makes a good workspace, and this will help you compare it with the workspace you have already fostered. Discuss why they quit their previous job to identify any red flags.

5. Trust Your Instincts

If you don’t feel confident that the new hire will be able to meet your expectations and requirements, reconsider before sending the offer letter. Yes, you can do it. Don’t make any decisions too quickly. Make a thoughtful decision than a rash one, and there is no harm in taking a night to sleep on it. Determine the criteria’s that are best for the job and look for those qualities in the candidate.

Give the candidates a tour of your office and observe how they interact with others, this will help you to gauge their personality. Please leave a good impression on the applicants you turn down, down the line they will answer you without hesitation if you need to contact.

Selecting the right candidate does not happen overnight. Select a candidate who can work with the team and go beyond all expectations in years to come.

6. Job Description

Define the job and the responsibilities of the candidate. See if they are comfortable responsibilities and incentives provided. Maintain your company standards and describe the goals of the company. By describing the role, you will analyze the necessary skills.

Go with your gut and make the offer for the right candidate who understands your requirements and fulfills your company’s needs. Select the candidate who will stay with the company for a long time and convince you that he/she could be an asset to you.


Select the candidate who has the most upside potential for their and your company’s growth. It is also good to obtain feedback from the interview team. We request you to keep your requirements for absolute necessities.

Be very precise about what the job offers, as applicants will ignore if they don’t find any information in your job listings.

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