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You try to stick to bedtime habits: you’re smart about what you eat and drink before sleep, and you never go late to bed. All in all, you have a good night sleep. 

But, from time to time, you still wake up still feeling tired and irritated.

For a variety of reasons, you can face morning fatigue. Suffering from morning fatigue means having a decrease in energy levels, and it negatively affects your entire day and mood.

You’re not alone, even among accomplished yogis.

45% of Americans report feeling tired or fatigued up to 3 times a week, even though they sleep 7-8 hours a night. While it’s important to know the cause of your problem, you also need to know how to overcome morning fatigue in order not to ruin your day.

The way you start your morning can affect the whole day. One study has found that your mood in the morning affects your productivity even hours later, so it’s essential to overcome morning fatigue to live a happy life.

Here is a shortlist of things you should do after waking up to overcome morning fatigue.

1. Drink a Glass of Water

An average adult is made up of 60% water. Consuming clean and safe water is essential to healthy living as it helps our bodies work correctly. After sleeping all night, your body is slightly dehydrated, which can lead to fatigue. Losing 1-2% of body water is enough to feel tired, irritable and sluggish.

To stay energetic and alert, you need water to replenish lost fluids. A cup of water first thing in the morning is a proven way to jumpstart your system and start your day in the right direction.

Form a habit of drinking a glass of water in the morning to overcome fatigue and be able to concentrate on tasks.

2. Take a Contrast Shower

Getting out of bed in the morning is a hard thing to do. You feel warm and comfortable, and leaving your bed is the last thing you want. As you know that you need to get up anyway, you become irritated.

So, what can you do to overcome this morning fatigue? Take a contrast shower!

A contrast shower always starts with warm or hot water and finishes with a cold one, and many people agree feeling energized after it. Contrast therapy allows you to step out of your comfort zone and helps your body start working better.

Contrast showers give a variety of health benefits (lowering blood pressure, boosting the central nervous system, bolstering the immune system). Moreover, taking a contrast shower helps to stay energetic and focused which means overcoming morning fatigue.

3. Do Yoga

Although yoga is an excellent choice for your physical and mental health no matter what time of the day you practice, doing yoga in the morning can be beneficial. As physical activity stimulates endorphins secretion, starting your day with yoga helps to stay happy and motivated.

Yoga practice allows you to give yourself space and time to start your day without being in a hurry. It also creates the physical and mental balance that reduces stress and help you overcome worries.

Yoga works on unblocking stuck blocks of energy so that you can become more energetic. You don’t need to have much time as you can choose even a short yoga practice to do in the morning.

To eliminate brain fog and fatigue, start your day with yoga practice, and it will guarantee you a happy day.

morning fatigue

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

For many people, breakfast is optional, and it depends on how busy you are. Even if you don’t feel hungry enough, it’s important to eat breakfast every day to kick-start your day the right way.

We are what we eat, and healthy breakfast helps our bodies get essential vitamins and minerals to stay energetic and focused. According to many studies, eating breakfast leads to better health, improving alertness and concentration. Therefore, people are less likely to feel tired.

To overcome fatigue, eating carbohydrates and protein for energy and endurance is a must. No matter what your favorite breakfast is, ensure you get plenty of vitamins and minerals every morning.

5. Create a Daily Plan

The first hour of your day matters. If you feel tired, it’s more likely to demotivate you. In other words, you will avoid doing duties, and therefore ruin your day.

On the other hand, knowing your priorities, you can get into a flow and start working on your plans. It sets the tone for the whole day and increases productivity.

Plan your day to set priorities and understand how to manage your time efficiently. Having a purpose helps to stick to the routine and overcome morning fatigue and its adverse effects.

Knowing your plans is a good idea if you want to make the most out of your day, so every morning think about several things you want to do and try to stick to this plan. Motivation is the best way to get rid of tiredness and get back on the track.

The Bottom Line

Waking up mentally and physically exhausted can ruin your day. When you feel a lack of energy and motivation, it’s hard to focus on completing your duties, and you start procrastinating. However, there are some actionable ways to overcome morning fatigue. And if you know what habits help you kick-start your day the way it makes you happy, you can forget about tiredness and bad mood.

So, Here’s the List of Key Takeaways:

  1. Hydrate your body with a glass of water
  2. Boost energy with a contrast shower
  3. Increase positive mood with yoga
  4. Become more energetic with a healthy breakfast
  5. Stay motivated with daily planning

To live a happy life, try to overcome morning fatigue once it appears. Don’t let negative emotions ruin your day; it’s you who is in charge of your happiness.


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