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Whether you are meeting new people or you want to strengthen your existing relationships, these powerful tips are all you have to do to fully connect with them.

1. Show Your Best Face!

Animals use body language and have some ways to show that they are friendly. For example, when your cat purrs in your presence, it’s showing affection to you.

People also have ways to show their intentions. Since ancient times, whenever we meet a stranger, the idea is to show that we don’t pose any danger to him. This is when you have to smile, to show others that you are friendly and that you are not dangerous.

Therefore, when meeting a new person, always remember to show him your best face—just smile! This is the perfect way to communicate your friendly intentions and have the opportunity to connect and cooperate with that person.

2. Don’t Forget the Person’s Name!

Your name is the most beautiful sound that you can ever hear, says Dale Carnegie, an expert in communication. Your unconscious mind makes it possible for you to be able to recognize your name pronounced against a very noisy background. For other people, it is hard to remember it sometimes.

Most people have a hard time remembering the name of a person they’ve just met. They don’t have a clue why that might happen to them. The answer is simple: when you meet someone new for the first time, you might be busy with your impressions, thoughts, or considering what you are going to say; and therefore, you don’t take any effort to memorize the newly learned name. But, there is a simple solution for that, as you will see below.

As with most things in learning, repetition is the key and brings confidence. There are many methods to memorize names, but let’s keep it simple. If you repeat it enough times, it will go deep into your mind. That’s it. So, the best thing you can do is to start using their name right away.

In this way, it will promptly begin creating connections in your brain and get associated with that person instantly. The idea is to start a conversation with the new person and continuously repeat that name. The new person will feel nice, and you will remember the name forever!

I think it has happened to everyone. You have met a person several times, and that person forgets your name or uses a wrong name. How would you feel in that situation? Maybe you think the person is silly or plain impolite.

Never commit that mistake yourself. Be sure to remember their name using the technique explained here and your connection to other people will skyrocket!

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3. Practice the Art of Listening

Have you ever felt the urgent need to speak and share your experiences when someone else is talking? Sometimes people wait “for their turn” to speak their minds and, instead of listening, they are just rehearsing in their mind what they are going to say. Due to that, we don’t listen to what the other person is talking, and the result is two people talking two parallel conversations.

There is a lost art called “the art of listening.” Notice that people seem to be eager to share their experiences. To use that in your conversations, you need to be attentive and ask questions. Instead of being “waiting for your turn,” you need to listen and ask questions to clarify what the other person is trying to say.

If you do that, in a few minutes your interlocutor might be telling you some fascinating stories, and everyone will want to connect with you all the time.

4. Pay a Compliment

People love compliments but giving one is no easy task. You need to use the right tone, be honest and say something that expresses the other person’s strengths.

Giving compliments seems hard, but if you follow some general principles, you will succeed in that task. Most people say very trivial and superficial things, stating the obvious, like complimenting a nice haircut, the colour of the eyes, etc. Those compliments are very generalized and thus, not personal at all. They don’t impress anybody.

The most important guideline here is straightforward: BE HONEST while connecting with people. When giving a compliment, you need to be sincere. The key is to point out things that the person is very good at –their strengths. In this way, you don’t have to make up or invent anything; you need to concentrate and find something good about the other person and say it nicely and effectively.

The better you are giving compliments, the quicker you’ll be getting new relationships.


The four tips to connect with people instantly, and make a good first impression:

  • Show your best face
  • Don’t forget the person’s name
  • Practice the art of listening
  • Pay a compliment

P.S. Have you tried using the four tips to connect with people? Did you see any difference in your connection with people and how they reacted to you? We would love to hear from you.

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Igor Smirnov is a Chess Grandmaster and founder of KeytoVictory

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