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As a freelancer, keeping overheads down can often be vital. With no fixed salary and no definite assurances about future work, freelancers often choose to work from home to cut costs, as you avoid having to fork out on a daily commute and office space.

However, as many freelancers will attest, home working has its pitfalls.

Sure, you wake up and don’t have to rush, but without the need to get out of bed you can often end up sleeping in after your alarm goes off.

Yes, this may sound like a dream, but having the discipline of waking up at the same time each morning can be the key to staying focused and productive throughout the day.

Additionally, distractions are plentiful when working from home! Looking online or on your phone can be problematic, but it is also hard to disconnect from the daily household chores.

Delivery people, washing up that needs finishing, clothes which need hanging up, pets who need feeding—all these little tasks are hard to avoid when you’re at home and can put you off your stride throughout the day. And, maybe hardest of all, working from home can become isolated and lonely.

Freelancers can end up feeling trapped in a place that not only damages their productivity and output but also keeps them from having any human interaction throughout the day. This is not the case for all freelancers. Many people often feel motivated and happy working from home.

However, it still stands that many freelancers are in search of a place to keep them invigorated, productive and focused.

There are options for freelancers on all kinds of budgets who need somewhere to be productive.

The following 4 options are more expensive than home-working but could improve a freelancer’s productivity and output to such an extent that they could be considered investments. 

1. Co-Working

Many freelancers might gawk at the notion of renting an office or desk space, as an unattainable luxury. It doesn’t have to be so!

Co-working spaces offer monthly passes that are not enormously expensive, extremely flexible and offer freelancers a pretty extraordinary opportunity.

There is no need to rent out office space on a long lease, as may have been the case in recent years. Instead, freelancers can rent a desk in a co-working space for a monthly fixed price. This opportunity could be vital for a freelancer looking to escape their house.

Any problems with productivity or motivation will disappear from the moment you arrive. Other freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses crowd co-working spaces. Which can be inspiring, and the energy can be contagious, so freelancers are likely to be instantly invigorated.

This is why choosing a co-working space can be seen as something of an investment. Your ability to concentrate and create work to the best of your capacity will increase massively. This improvement in your output does not have to involve any financial risk or long-term commitment.

Co-working spaces run on monthly contracts, meaning you never have any obligation to stay longer than you have agreed! So, co-working spaces could not only be the key to getting you out of the house, but could also facilitate the next step of your career without incurring financial risk.

2. Hot-Desking

For those who feel that monthly co-working rents could still be out of their budget, there are numerous options for them to get out of the house.  It is still possible to take advantage of the benefits of co-working spaces!

Many co-working spaces now offer day passes, giving people the chance to find a desk and make it their office for the day.

Hot-desking at co-working spaces can be incredibly cheap and day passes mean that freelancers can stick precisely to their budget, only paying for the days they can afford.

With this, freelancers still get all the advantages which come with co-working spaces. The vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of the place will be just as contagious!

Also, co-working spaces are often impressively designed and reside in beautiful buildings, which can be inspiring for freelancers used to working in their smelly bedroom.

Even if you are on an immensely tight budget, hot-desking just once a week is an option for basically every freelancer. This day, though, will likely make an enormous difference to your mood and productivity.

The mere fact that you’re out of your home, working in a buzzing and vibrant workspace, will give you something to be excited for. It makes for a guaranteed day of productivity and great opportunities to network.

Open Office Space-Office Options for Freelancers

3. Private, Serviced Office

Co-working office fit under the remit of serviced offices, but you can also find private, serviced offices. This option would be advantageous for a freelancer with a slightly larger budget looking for an individual space to concentrate.

Like in co-working offices, you would sign up to the monthly rentals for private offices meaning you can still be extremely flexible, thereby not having to risk large amounts of money.

These offices provide all kinds of break out areas, meeting rooms and amenities. These shared spaces provide opportunities to network and meet other similar-minded people, while only actually paying for private office space. 

This could be hugely beneficial for a freelancer with a slightly larger budget for a whole host of reasons.

Firstly, the private office gives them an essential separation from work and home. This means they can come to work and avoid the daily distractions and motivation killers common in the household. These offices are usually accessible 24 hours a day, meaning freelancers can come and go as they please.

By paying month by month, no freelancer has to take a substantial financial risk. They are almost always the cheaper and more flexible option when compared to private, leased offices.

If a freelancer is looking to project a more professional image to potential clients, serviced offices are a cost-effective option.

4. Buddy Up

One final option for freelancers, who maybe feel that private, serviced offices are too expensive, is buddying up.

This would allow them to take advantage of the benefits a private, serviced office can often provide. Undoubtedly, other freelancers in your area are looking to get out of the house and get more productive.

By finding freelancers just like yourself online, you could soon create a small collective. If you band together, you could then all move into a private, serviced office. With enough of you, this could come to less than $100 a month each.

Freelancers could not do much better than band together and find a serviced office that fits them all in. Not only will they have a place to go each day, which keeps them productive and motivated, but the office will also likely be in a nice building.

Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of meeting rooms, administrative staff that can help and breakout areas.

So, by banding together, freelancers can get to work in beautiful parts of the town, in beautiful buildings with others!

They can work alongside and be inspired by like-minded freelancers, network with larger businesses, all at a reasonable price. Freelancers, unite!



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