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In order for businesses to stay relevant in today’s highly competitive market, technology needs to be incorporated and utilized throughout their strategies.

For this reason, many of today’s businesses are allocating large sums of their budget towards digital transformation along with proper employee training supported with AI and machine learning.

When it comes to digital adoption, most business leaders focus on the results that are directly related to the bottom line.

The majority of companies recognize that digital tools can streamline their productivity and results, but many fail to realize that digital adoption can also help to attract and retain amazing talent within an organization.

Digital adoption can be summed up as the state when every person within an organization is able to utilize technology to its fullest extent in order to achieve better results.

Digital adoption is dependent on the people that are using these systems –  so this means that any business that is seeking digital transformation needs to ensure that the end-users (AKA employees) are able to utilize these technology investments fully.

Successful digital adoption combined with a team of highly talented employees is the perfect combination to ensure that a business stays competitive – regardless of the industry.

Here are 3 key reasons why digital adoption is so crucial for businesses that want to both attract great talent and retain their team members.

1. It Supports a Better Candidate and Employee Experience

The experience that people have with your business – from the hiring process to the day-to-day – will be reflected in their work.

A more engaged workplace with happier employees tends to have higher productivity levels and lower turnover rates, which leads to a more profitable organization over time.

Digital adoption can support this kind of culture by enabling a simpler hiring process and ensuring that all of your employees get things started off on the right foot.

Technology is revolutionizing the hiring and recruiting process because it allows hiring managers to make their decisions based on data, rather than first impressions. 

AI-assisted recruiting tools can accurately measure each candidate’s skill levels and proficiencies, giving recruiters the analytical data they need to qualify top candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

The digital adoption of AI recruiting helps to support a better candidate experience by making the process more personalized and streamlined. Time is of the essence when it comes to finding great candidates, qualifying them, and scheduling an interview. If you take too long, you may lose great talent for other opportunities.

Furthermore, leaving your applicants in the dark about where they stand in the qualification process can lead to terrible candidate experience.

Technology can help in this area with NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning to scan resumes and qualify candidates automatically. Recruiters can also use automated systems and AI chatbots to virtually communicate with applicants to conduct initial interviews and schedule a meeting time.

Booking a Meeting on Mobile


Keep in mind, digital adoption does not stop at the hiring process.

Staying updated with the latest in automation technology creates a better employee experience by keeping them more connected and productive. There are numerous digital tools that can automate many of the most mundane and time-consuming tasks that eat up hours of work for employees, such as answering and sending out emails or compiling data for reports.

Virtual personal assistants can take over many of these duties while technical programs can quickly analyze and compile key data points for accurate reporting. This saves your employees hours of work and helps them be more productive with the time that they have.

2. It Encourages Professional Growth and Development

By definition, digital adoption means that everyone in an organization is able to utilize digital programs to their fullest extent to maximize productivity.

In order to do this, employees must go through proper training so they not only know how to use these digital tools but also how to apply them to their work in the most effective way.

If your company makes it a top priority to training people on how to use the latest industry technology, you are putting them in a great position to advance and remain marketable for years to come. This means that you are developing better talent internally, rather than searching for it externally from outside resources.

It also gives your high-value talent motivation to stay and grow within the company instead of seeking development opportunities elsewhere.

Offering these kinds of training programs can certainly help you attract great talent because most candidates are highly motivated to find positions that will allow them to learn new skills and advance in their careers.

A research compilation report from Shift Learning found that 87% of job-seekers stated opportunities for career growth and development were top priorities when it came to accepting an offer.

This same report also found that employees that underwent this kind of training reported 10% higher productivity rates, and they were more likely to stay with the same company for the long-term.

Learning how to use the latest industry technology can be extremely empowering for employees. Further, it provides them with a great skill set and can help to advance them in their careers and transfer their skills.

The training systems that are used are obviously very important here. These days, employee training is all about contextualized learning. Your ability to adopt these digital platforms can make the onboarding process personalized to each employee. This means that the training systems are based on each person’s knowledge and experience.

Additionally, they are formulated to focus on the aspects that will be most applicable to their positions and responsibilities.

3. It Offers Flexible Options for Better Work-Life Balance

Thanks to technology, it is much easier for employees to work from home, on the go, or around their own schedules. Allowing people to work remotely can also boost productivity levels, which gives employees more time to focus on other projects.

Offering this option provides many benefits to your employees, including saving them time and money from commuting, lower stress levels, and the ability to achieve even higher levels of productivity and focus.

Businesses that offer remote work options – either full time or as needed – are seeing great benefits. CoSo Cloud’s research found that remote employees were 77% more productive and 52% less likely to request time off. It is also interesting to note that this study found that remote workers were also physically and mentally healthier, got more sleep, and had higher levels of job satisfaction thanks to this better work-life balance structure.

Obviously, ensuring that employees are not only able to work outside of the office, but that their quality of work does not suffer will depend on the digital tools they utilize.

Communication tools are key, as well as project management systems for file sharing and keeping everyone on task. Digital adoption is critical for remote employees to be successful. They will need to apply technology correctly as they will not always have immediate access assistance.


Digital adoption is something that nearly EVERY business needs to plan for.

But what many business leaders fail to realize is the positive effect it can have on the internal workings of the company in addition to its profitability.

Businesses that are able to stay up to speed with industry technology will be able to attract and retain better talent because of the countless benefits they are able to offer their employees.

Digital adoption makes it possible for businesses to provide employees with better candidate and employee experiences, career advancement training, and options for remote work. Furthermore, when employees are able to utilize technology to its fullest extent, they are more productive and the company itself is more profitable.

Clearly, the benefits here far outweigh any excuses arguing that digital adoption is too expensive and time-consuming. This is not something that should be put off for another day. Start now in order to put your business and its employees on track towards productivity and profitability.

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Manish Dudharejia is the President and Founder of E2M Solutions Inc., a San Diego-based digital agency that specializes in white label services for website design and development and e-commerce SEO. With over 10 years of experience in the technology and digital marketing industry, he is passionate about helping online businesses take their branding to the next level.

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