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Gone are the days when professionals decide to stick with the same dead-end job for years on end.

Today millennials are job-hopping more than previous generations. Some millennials may feel pressured by society or family to believe that’s not the best decision. Others don’t want to get stuck in the same job for years and would instead find their place in the world by seeking out new opportunities.

Young professionals are better off avoiding peaking before their thirties. Otherwise, they miss out on life, new job opportunities, and will also burn out.

Below we discuss why as a “job hopping” millennial, your willingness to embrace change is becoming more acceptable. After we reveal the positives, the stigma that professionals should only focus on their existing career and job may lessen.

1. You’ll Miss New Opportunities

It takes time to get your feet wet in the career world, however, if you feel it’s time to move on from a relatively new job and try something new, that’s alright.

Stay in a position you don’t like for too long, and you may miss out on new opportunities. You should feel comforted knowing that according to a CareerBuilder survey, by age 35, about 25% of millennial employees have worked around five jobs!

Don’t be afraid to make healthy choices by switching careers. A new opportunity that is a better fit for you is beneficial both for you as an employee and also for the employer.

2. You’ll Burn Out

It’s easy to get caught up in a rat race to find success no matter the cost. However, do you enjoy what you’re doing? Are you more caught up in what you’re supposed to do with your life as opposed to what you’d like to do with your life?

Sometimes it takes a while to figure it all out in your career, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Going full speed ahead in a job you despise will only lead to burnout and disliking where you are at in life. If you get to the point where your current position has lead to burnout, getting out of a career rut and back into a positive place is essential.

Learn how to move forward and grow by shifting your mindset. Only then will you find new possibilities as opposed to dead ends. There are many ways you can change a mindset and refocus on what matters, such as getting away.

One way to avoid burnout in any job is by using vacation days. Many young employees may feel the need to show their boss they’re entirely dedicated to their work by never taking time off. However, it’s the wise employees that take time away from it all.

Don’t worry about looking bad for taking a vacation. Usually, a company understands that even their best employees need a break. If a company frowns about employees using their vacation days, it’s probably not a healthy work environment.

Taking a vacation can help you avoid burning out and who knows, you may come back inspired and ready to take on new projects or even a new career.

Speaking of taking on new projects, having a strong work ethic is admirable, but don’t let that be the only thing that drives you.

The last thing you need is to take on every project known to humankind because you feel the need show off to your boss or look better than your colleagues. You may be young enough to pull off back to back all-nighters, but that doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible to burning out in your 20s.

No one needs a midlife crisis at the age of twenty-five. That can wait until you’re fifty (but hopefully not)!

If you do burn out, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your career is over. There are ways to pick yourself back up again. For starters, don’t be so hard on yourself. As we mentioned earlier in the article, it has become the norm for millennials to switch jobs.

Changing careers may be a necessity for your emotional wellbeing and will also give you room to grow and thrive in a new career. Navigating a career right after college is both exciting and draining. Switching jobs and making positive changes early on in your career is worth it and more acceptable than you might think.

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3. You’ll Lose Sight of What’s Important

If you peak too early and get burned out, you may find that your 20s have already flown by without you entirely embracing life. Working hard has its rewards, but there must be a balance.

Invest in a career you enjoy, but don’t forget to live life to the fullest. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve chosen to invest in yourself and your future as opposed to getting wrapped up in self-comparison and competition. Sometimes you can lose sight of what’s important, and part of that reason may be because you’re getting too caught up in social media.

Social media doesn’t help with the constant pressure. For example, you may start comparing yourself and career to another successful friend on Facebook or get hung up on all of those Pinterest or Instagram pictures of rich, nice-looking 20 somethings. The truth is no one is perfect, and everyone struggles. Don’t be deceived by social media posts and fabricated photos.

If you work too hard and compare yourself to others based on salary, position, and the like, you’ll lose sight of what matters – your happiness. You may look back wishing you’d spent more time with your family, laughed more with friends, and enjoyed the simple pleasures like taking your dog for a walk. Reach the peak of your career prematurely, and you’ll live with regrets. Don’t let that happen.

You are the most crucial aspect of your career, and it’s okay to put yourself first. If that means trying out a few jobs before you land “the job,” then that’s perfectly acceptable.

Even if you find a new job opportunity that’s a better fit than your existing career, don’t be afraid of change. Getting burned out early on in your career can have disastrous consequences. Young professionals can get discouraged, feel unsettled, unhappy, and burned out if they’re not careful.

Find ways to improve and invest in yourself by taking classes, developing new skills, and spending time with loved ones. Gaining experience from several jobs can help you to get job opportunities and follow your dreams!

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