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9 hours a day, 45 hours a week. That’s how much of our life we spend on work. Just think, you’re spending 26% of your weekly time at your workplace and around 74% is spent on various activities like commuting, sleeping, and Netflix & Chill on weekends, then.

But, why does that 26 % feel heavier than that 74%?

Well, there could be a lot of problems, including a lack of passion or motivation, lack of interest, or lack of job satisfaction. Let’s be honest, no one feels they have a 100% perfect job. We all have problems in our workplace and we all want simple solutions.

We surely can’t discuss all the problems with your work, but we have narrowed down the 3 most common and critical problems. A gigantic percent of the total workforce faces these problems every single day, hence we need to discuss solutions.

There are a lot of ways to deal with each of these issues, but we’re trying a mindful approach to handle these issues. Mindfulness not only handles the present, but it also helps you save future issues. Our goal in this article is to find the core problem and fix it!

These are the three problems that we’re discussing in this article:

  1. Work Overload
  2. Lack Of Productivity
  3. Conflicts

Let’s have a look at these issues and try to see how we can deal with them more mindfully.

1. Work Overload

40% of the US workers reported that their jobs are extremely stressful, and Work Overload is a major contributor to this bummer. Sadly, and maybe unintentionally, we have designed our work culture in such a way that work overload has become a customary factor incorporates. Apparently, how we handle the work overload, contributes a lot to our personal progress.

So, we have to find mindful ways to handle work overload and there are two main factors to deal with it:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Breaks

Scheduling is an important part of work and extremely important to achieve high productivity. Scheduling can help you design your entire day and complete everyday goals on time. There’s a good quote on making a schedule that says,

“First, you be the boss and make a schedule, then you make the schedule your boss and follow the orders.”

Some people might like to think that scheduling is an old way to get things done, but in a situation of work overload, making a schedule really helps. You can actually prioritize all your tasks and finish the work on time.

One thing you shouldn’t miss in your schedule is “Breaks”, and that’s our second factor to handle work overload mindfully.

Taking breaks can surely increase your total time at work as you’ll be investing 10-15 minutes every time you go out and take fresh air. But, taking breaks can change the entire dynamic of your work. In fact, it can surely help you fight work overload.

When you’re constantly working in one place, your mind gets blocked after a certain period. Especially, those who are involved in creative work, they do face such problems. To fight back work overload, we can’t afford to have these blocks. In many cases, employees end up wasting more time because of these brain freeze.

Those who’re involved in writing or content also face such work problems. There’s a term called “Writer’s Block” where the writer is unable to think what to write and how to go ahead with the writing.

The solution to this problem is taking breaks between hours or a certain number of tasks that can save us from such brain freeze. When you take your mind of the work, it gives you a fresh start when you jump back in again.

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Here are some ideas on what you can do during periodic breaks:

  • Take a coffee or tea break.
  • Go out and have fresh air.
  • Have an interesting interaction with a colleague.
  • Read or watch a video on a topic of interest.
  • Solve a puzzle.
  • Meditate.

Apparently, no matter how we’re physically involved in our task, our brain gets exhausted after a period. That’s when people get easily distracted by social media and viral videos. A mindful solution to this problem is taking a pause and give yourself a little break.

2. Lack of Productivity

Where is my time utilized?

We all have faced this issue where we are not quite happy with the way we work. There are a lot of reasons that lead to a lack of productivity, but there are two steps to this problem.

  • Keep track of your time.
  • Don’t let the distraction work for you.

We have already talked about the importance of scheduling and how it can help you design your entire day. Now the real problem is, we can’t complete our own schedule.

To follow the schedule, we have to add a sense of awareness to our work. We can achieve that state by ourselves, but there are helpful tools available as well. We just need to know how much time we invest in every task, and time trackers can do that for us.

We can always note time logs manually or we can take help from a good time tracking app as well. But I believe, tracking time manually for every task would eat up a lot of time in itself. On the other hand, using a time tracking app can save a lot of time and gives exactly what we want.

Now, to increase productivity and reduce work problems, you need to observe the data collected at the time tracking tool very carefully.

You can find out following things from a time tracking app:

  • Highest & lowest time-consuming tasks
  • Highest & lowest time-consuming projects.
  • Total productive & unproductive hours.
  • Leisure time.
  • Time invested in discussions & meetings.

You can observe each task and make suitable changes to increase your productivity and solve work problems.

The second thing that we need to acknowledge is “distractions”. We do waste a lot of time on social media, chitchats, gossips, and so many things that we’re not even aware of.

An average person spends 50 minutes every day on just Facebook-owned apps (Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook of course). There’s an entire study on how much time people spend on social media platforms, and the numbers are not pretty.

And those are just social media apps we’re talking about. in your workplace, you face so many distractions that eventually hamper your productivity. To fight back this problem, you can turn off app notifications for a time period (your office hours), that helps a lot.

To keep yourself away from other distractions, you can listen to soft music like meditation music or focus tracks. Basically, you want to listen to something that helps you in focusing, so you can’t listen to Jazz or Eminem! Instrumental music calms us down to neutral and generates no emotions, so you can focus on your work and finish it on time.

3. Conflicts

Conflicts are one of the most common problems almost every organization is facing. I personally believe you can never solve this problem, and the reason is very simple – People are different!

We all are raised in a different environment, background, ethnicity, and religion. You simply can’t expect them to react exactly the way you want. So, all you need to do is find the right way to handle the entire situation.

And, the idea is to not come out as a rude!

All you need to do is present your perspective without crossing the imaginary line that every person has. If you cross the boundaries, the other person might get hurt or get angry. Both these situations can develop a sense of grudge, and that can ruin the dynamics of future interactions.

That’s the last thing you want!

You simply have to understand that you don’t need the other person to follow your perspective, you just need that person to listen to your perspective. In a condition of such conflict, make sure your voice and tone are polite. Because no matter how logical your perspective is, if you raise your voice, no one would like to listen to you.

All you need to do is take a deep breath and be mindful of the whole thing. You need to understand, just like you’re expecting someone to understand your perspective, that someone is expecting the same!

Bottom Line

We hope the solutions to these work problems will help you in the future. Mindful solutions like these can help you live that 26% mindfully and enjoy your work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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