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The internet offers access to tools, knowledge, and communication that can significantly enhance what you’re able to achieve through your working day and your career. But it’s such a fabulous resource that it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming.

Making sense of the internet and getting your browser to work for you requires the cultivation of a better way to work. It is possible to get rid of the distractions and find a workflow that adapts online materials to the tasks you’re trying to achieve: and the solution is browser extensions.

Browser extensions add all kinds of functionality to your plain old Chrome window. And because all sorts of people use Chrome, all sorts of solutions have been created.

For example, if email is a big part of your working day, Sortd For Gmail will transform your Gmail inbox in Chrome into more of a dashboard. This makes it much simpler to schedule and prioritize your work.

Or if you have a shared email account in the business where you work, Hiver allows you to manage that inbox, leave notes, schedule tasks, and keep everyone on the same page. This can be super-useful if you work in product or service support, for example.

If Chrome is more of a research tool for you, you can save yourself bouncing between screenshots, cut-and-paste text documents, and handwritten notes by using an add-on such as Evernote Webclipper or Google Keep. They make it straightforward to collate your ongoing, online research without needing to leave your browser. Combine it with a scheduling extension such as Todoist to keep your project on track amidst the chaos of the internet!

These extensions are often plugged as ‘productivity’ enhancers. But the truth is, they won’t just help you work more – they’ll help you work better. Check out this new visual guide to some of the best Chrome extensions if that’s the improvement you seek.

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