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Job hunting in the 21st century might be a long and challenging process, especially if we are not well prepared to face the new generation advances. Along with the technological development of the world, comes the need for more technically skilled employees.

Instead of the hard physical labour, contemporary job market requires people to have better cognitive abilities such as creativity, logical reasoning, and problem sensitivity.

While millennials are quite familiar with most of the innovations in technology, people born before the 1980s might need to update their core skill set by adding certain knowledge on the subject. It can surely be an overwhelming process but there is an inevitable transition in the 21st-century world which we all need to adjust to.

These modifications also include flexibility in working conditions, rapid urbanisation, and consumer ethics and privacy issues which affect mainly the socio-economic side of future of jobs.

Changes more often mean opportunities so it is a great chance for all job-seekers to take advantage of the dynamic ages and upgrade their core competence collection.

In order to help job-hunters boost their career potential, Market Inspector has created an infographic with the 21st-century job skills that are estimated to be in demand by 2020 and an addition of possible jobs one can apply for.

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