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The recruitment landscape in 2020 is ruthless. Referred to as the ‘Battle of Talent’, recruiters face ferocious competition from more and more businesses when looking to hire and retain the UK’s best candidates.

The latest Office for National Statistics (ONS)report reveals that the current British unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1975, with only 3.9% of individuals out of work. At the same time, the number of vacancies remains significant, with an estimated 800,000 job vacancies on the market. With so many vacancies and few candidates, it’s becoming increasingly harder for companies to find skilled employees. 

As a result, the UK is facing a “skill shortage”, said to be costing organizations more than £6.33 billion a year in recruitment fees (£1.23 billion), inflated salaries (£2.16 billion), temporary staff (£1.49 billion) and training for workers hired at a lower level than intended (£1.23 billion). Figures only set to grow as Brexit unfolds

The shortage is felt particularly by recruiters looking for mid/management and junior employees. At the same time, the BBC reported that the skill shortage was heavily present within roles relating to manufacturing, skilled trades (plumbers, electricians, etc.), and caring professions.

Faced with these employment circumstances, organizations need to rethink these current recruitment processes.

Current Recruitment Tactics

Many in-house recruitment teams rely heavily on posting their current roles on job posting websites, waiting for the perfect candidate to apply. This proves to be a very time-consuming process, often taking several months for the right candidate to apply and fulfill the role. 

Whereas recruitment agencies proactively use social media as their top hiring tactic. Although social media comes in handy when trying to identify and connect with skilled talent, the candidates on the receiving end are often faced with dozens of agencies contacting them on social media, email, and phone with new job opportunities, and often turn off from all recruitment agency communication attempts.

To combat the UK skill shortage, organizations and recruitment agencies need to steer away from these current recruitment tactics and look for alternative tactics to fill more positions, get better quality candidates and stand out from other firms and agencies.

Recruitment Roadshows

Recruitment Roadshows are increasing in popularity, becoming the go-to hiring tactic for attracting and retaining the best UK candidates. Recruitment Roadshows allow organizations to go on the road, meet applicants face-to-face, simplify the interview process, and attract talent beyond their current location premises. 

Recruitment roadshow strategies include hiring a roadshow trailer or promotional vehicle and traveling across numerous cities and towns across multiple days or half-day events, where targeted talent footfall is likely.

Organizations looking for specific skill sets would greatly benefit from taking their hiring process on the road with a recruitment roadshow, as they can visit prime locations where these candidates will likely be. For example, recruiters looking to fill marketing positions may visit digital events. As would organizations looking to mass hire for a new department.

For their recruitment campaignWith Heart and Mind, the British Army toured the UK visiting universities in a bid to increase sign-ups after a decline in enlistment figures among graduates. The recruitment roadshow tour offered a fun and interactive glimpse into life in the Army with experiential activities including a virtual obstacle course and bleep test.

Here are nine reasons why you should take your recruitment on the road with a recruitment roadshow tour in 2020:

1. Communicate the Role in-person

According to a survey from recruiting firm Jobvite, 43% of new hires who quit their role within the first 90 days of employment was because their day-to-day role wasn’t what they thought it would be.

Current recruitment tactics such as job board listings can mislead or miscommunicate the job role to candidates. And, some candidates may misread the specifications and wrongly apply without having the relevant experience required.

A recruitment roadshow allows recruiters to meet candidates in-person and communicate the job role clearly and in-depth, answering any questions and queries candidates may have.

Not only does this allow candidates to determine whether they’re suited for the role before beginning the application process, but recruiters can screen applicants to see if they have the right qualifications and attitude to the role. This diminishes any communication issues and fabrications made on job descriptions and applications/CVs.

Recruitment on The Road-Effective Communication-Platforms for Freelancers

2. Expands Talent Search

Finding the perfect candidate with the right skillset and attitude is difficult, particularly when confronted with the UK’s skill shortage crisis. However, job mobility is increasing, and employees are not afraid of exploring job opportunities that are further afield. Employees are also shifting jobs, more often than ever before.

By taking your hiring process on the road with a recruitment roadshow, you have the power to reach talent who are located outside your organization’s location. Not only this, you can reach talent who is currently not in the job market successfully, but could be poached, without hounding them with LinkedIn message requests, unsolicited phone calls or emails. 

By proactively visiting candidates at different locations, talent will appreciate and favour your company for reaching out and simplifying the recruitment process. Also, the need for Skype interviews with long-distance candidates will no longer be required.

3. Reduces Employee Turnover

One-fifth of new hires who leave their jobs do so because they didn’t like the company’s culture, and 32% of those who quit within the first 90 days did because they didn’t feel like it was a cultural fit.

Recruitment Roadshows allow you to meet candidates face-to-face and provide candidates with an insight into what the job role entails and how life at your organization is. By allowing candidates the opportunity to talk to current employees and hear first-hand what the company culture is like, candidates can decide whether your company is the right fit for them before applying for the role. Only candidates who believe they’re a good cultural fit will continue with the application process, helping reduce employee turnover

Further, many roadshow trailers designed for recruitment have facilities onboard to host video stations or a demonstration/presentation area, ideal for showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of the company’s culture. Some can create a fully immersive environment that mirrors your organization and shines a light on your culture.

Hiring the Right Candidate-Recruitment on The Road

4. Simplifies the Pre-hire Process

According to recent research from Glassdoor, the number one pain point for over half of the candidates surveyed (52%) was slow feedback from employers. Also, 39% of the candidates said delayed decision making from potential employers was a top frustration.

Delays are inevitable, but a painfully slow or long-winded recruitment process may cause candidates to lose interest. Further, while you take time to decide on which candidate is best suited for the role, the best suited may receive a better offer elsewhere.

As recruitment Roadshows help to screen out candidates who are not suited for the role or company, they subsequently remove the need for a multi-tier application process, allowing for a speedy yet comprehensive recruitment process.

5. Delivers a Candidate-centric Experience

Candidates who are satisfied with their recruitment experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer. Regardless of whether they get a job offer, applicants who are satisfied with their recruitment experience are more than twice as likely to recommend the hiring organization to others, compared with those who were not satisfied (62% vs 28%).

Recruitment Roadshows are a candidate-centric hiring tactic that helps create an enjoyable recruitment journey, helping convince the best talent to become employees, by allowing candidates to meet employers face-to-face, ask questions and see the company’s culture before applying for the role. 

Whether using a roadshow trailer or a series of venues, recruitment Roadshows are unique to each organization, allowing you to create a relaxed and welcoming environment that embraces your organization but leaves 

6. Engages and Retains Talent

The job market has drastically changed in the last ten years, becoming more candidate focus. Candidates are more empowered, demanding transparency and better engagement throughout the recruitment process.

Engaging and retaining top talent during the recruitment process has never been so important. Recruitment Roadshows are a unique hiring tact that creatively captures the interest of candidates in a fun and engaging way. 

Many organizations that host recruitment Roadshows choose to host experiential activities to further engage candidates, make them feel at ease and make pre-hiring easier. Experiential activities include icebreakers to calm nerves, personality quizzed to see if they’re a company fit, and role-relevant tests to find the ‘best’ candidate. 

For example, a company looking to hire a developer may challenge candidates to a coding test to see who can complete the test in the least amount of time, only choosing to interview the top twenty scorers. 

7. Allows You to Connect With Millennials

Millennials make up the largest generational workforce in the UK and with Generation Z (the generation following Millennials) close behind, keen to establish themselves in their chosen industry, these two demographics are often a focus for organizations recruitment campaigns, particularly for organizations looking to hire junior and mid-entry level roles.

Despite a large part of Millennials and Generation Z’s life playing out on social media, including their professional life and career, these generations value experiences and are looking to connect with organizations and employers on a personal level.

Recruitment Roadshows allow organizations to meet candidates face-to-face and begin forging those all-important relationships with talent. By creating a positive, candidate-centric experience through a recruitment roadshow, Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to apply or recommend a role in your organization to a friend.

8. Amplifies Your Online Social Media Efforts

Social media has become a vital part of recruitment, with 92% of recruiters reporting to use social media networks in their recruitment efforts to identify and reach top talent. 

Recruitment Roadshows have made social media an even more powerful tool for recruiters. Face-to-face events capitalize on the way people use social media channels, encouraging participants to follow your organization on social, as well as capture and share their offline experiences with their online networks, expanding the online coverage of your organization and recruitment activities.

As recruitment Roadshows allow your organization to reach more people across multiple locations, more customer content and social media will be generated, creating a higher online reach.

Further, with a recruitment roadshow, your organization will have more relevant content to shout about on your social media and website, giving candidates who visit your roadshow or see a post shared online, more reason to follow your social media channels whether they’re currently in the job market or not.

Social Media-Recruitment on The Road

9. Sets You Apart from the Competition

According to The Recruitment & Employment Federation (REC)’s annual Recruitment Industry Trends, there are currently 39,329 recruitment agencies that have been registered in the UK since 1990, with a 46%  increase encountered in just 2019.

With more and more recruitment firms and businesses battling for talent every day, taking your hiring tactics on the road with a recruitment roadshow can set you apart from the competition.

By meeting candidates face-to-face, you’re creating relationships with candidates, so whether they’re in the job market or not, your organization will most likely be the first point of call when they’re looking for a new career opportunity.

In Conclusion

Stop hoping for candidates to engage with your job board listing or social media hiring call and combat the ‘battle for talent’ by taking your recruitment on the road in 2020.

By taking your hiring tactics on the road with a recruitment roadshow, you’re cementing your organization in your target audience’s mind, encouraging engagement and interactions, provoking word-of-mouth advertising, generating stronger candidate relationships, and future recruitment on the road success stories.


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Dawn Ellis works at The Events Structure, who provides a range of roadshow trailers for recruitment and other applications to a diverse range of clients worldwide, including Mastercard, Amazon, Virgin and the British Army.

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