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Have you seen The King’s Speech? It’s based on a true story about King George VI’s brave feat in public speaking. He sought the help of a speech therapist to help him overcome his stutter. In the end, he was able to confidently deliver a monumental speech for his people amid war.

So how does one conquer their fear of public speaking? Of course, it’s through ample preparation and practice. No magic potion will transform you into a successful presenter overnight.

When you were in school, presentations were in the form of such as class reports or your thesis defence. As a professional, your presentations progressed into team meetings, client reports, training sessions, sales pitches, and more.

This goes to show how vital it is for your professional and personal growth to have great presentation skills. If you want to further your career and climb to the top of the corporate ladder, being an effective speaker is a valuable asset.

Make sure to arm yourself with everything you need beforehand, including a well-researched and engaging topic. Next, consider the materials you have at your disposal (i.e., audio-visual aids, speakers, projector, LED screen, laptop, etc.). And finally, don’t forget to prepare an effective icebreaker or other interactive exercises to keep your audience interested and engaged.

When it comes to creating slideshows, remember to keep everything straightforward. Don’t go overboard with animations and text. Audiences like it when they can just scan or skim slides that don’t have too much going on.

Remember: you’re there to tell a very important story. Keep a casual and conversational (yet professional) tone so as not to bore your audience. Make sure that you speak so everyone in the can hear you. Don’t rush as it may appear that you don’t care whether you conveyed the right message or that you’re uncomfortable.

Most importantly, just breathe. The final moments before you walk up to the podium will be nerve-wracking. It’s normal, and everything will flow nicely once you command the floor.

Don’t beat yourself up too much when you stutter or fumble during a presentation. Getting good at it takes time. Even prominent figures like Mark Zuckerberg had to learn from one hard-hitting blunder to get better at this skill. Now, when he speaks, the whole world listens.

Here, we’ve got an infographic guide that illustrates a few tips that can help you nail your next presentation. With preparation and practice, you, too can become a successful presenter who can make your audience listen in awe. 

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Jomel Alos is a Content Strategist at Guthrie-Jensen Training Consultant. He’s obsessed with TV shows about designing like Tiny House Nation, Forged in Fire, and Ellen’s Design Challenge and eating burnt bacon

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