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To win in today’s business, you have to put your focus on activities that bring you the most value. One such activity is marketing because no matter how good your product or service is, if no one knows about it then your business will struggle or fail.

Simply put, marketing is like the small hinge that swings big doors.

This is the reason why working in the field of marketing is one of the most sought-after careers in this current age of technology.

If you’re planning on pursuing work in this industry, there are several jobs to choose from depending on your skills and interests.

1. Marketing Assistant

If you’re looking for an entry-level job in marketing, you might want to consider being a marketing assistant first. The role would require you to write marketing reports, sales brochures, and other similar documents related to promoting your company.

Other responsibilities might include working on advertising, performing market research, and helping determine new sales strategies.

2. Public Relations Specialist

If you’re particularly good at communication, being a public relations specialist might be just a great fit for you. As a PR specialist, you’ll serve as the voice of your company to the public. It’s your job to issue written statements to the news media, local communities, and other similar groups as well as to write press releases.

There are a lot of working opportunities for a PR specialist since aside from large companies, most hospitals and nonprofit organizations are just some of the firms that typically hire one as well.

3. Advertising/Marketing Manager

As an advertising or marketing manager, you’ll mostly be in charge of making a brand or product successful. You’ll typically direct the overall plan as well as develop and manage the marketing part to make sure that the brand, service, or product you’re handling is expanding its audience reach.

Aside from that, the role also requires that you focus on developing a brand’s performance in terms of profit and sales as well as the image that the company is projecting to the public. According to BLS, the job outlook for the role is about 10% which is higher than average.

4. Copywriter

So what is a copywriter? A copywriter is someone who writes actionable content with the purpose of spurring the reader into doing the desired action. Most commonly, people hire copywriters if they want to sell products or persuade their visitors to give their email.

If you love being creative and enjoy the process of writing content for advertising and promotional purposes then this job is for you. Copywriters are often the ones responsible for the texts you see on brochures, billboards, advertisements, sales pages, and more. Simply put, your job is like a salesman but with written words as your main tool!

5. Social Media Expert

As a social media expert, your main job is to handle all social media platforms and make sure that the profile for each is thriving. This might entail developing and implementing the right social media strategy to increase a page’s following and increase brand awareness at the same time.

You’ll need to be able to publish social media content regularly and manage social media campaigns. Another aspect of the job is to monitor user engagement and track campaign metrics to make sure it’s successful.

6. Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing specialists are often at the helm of a company’s email communications. The role requires analyzing email marketing campaigns as well as making recommendations for areas of improvement.

On the technical side, you’ll be required to perform A/B testing on the current email campaigns that are running to determine the most effective one and scale it accordingly. Aside from testing, you’ll also need to track and create weekly or monthly reports on the campaign results.


7. Content Marketer

If you’re an aspiring content marketer, you’ll need to familiarize yourself on how to use content

to drive traffic, leads, and engagement to improve sales and customer retention.

Part of the job also includes determining an effective content marketing strategy that will fit the company’s target audience is looking for. You’ll also need some basic SEO understanding, content development know-how, and content management skills to perform this role successfully.

8. Promotions Director

As a Promotions Director, your main role is in sales and marketing. Either you’re in charge of sales promotions or promotions that are aimed towards increasing brand awareness or audience reach.

Promotions directors can use several marketing tactics including live broadcast events, public contests, and giveaways, to name just a few. You also must attend all promotional events to ensure that everything goes well and to interact with event attendees.

9. Digital Marketing Expert

If you’re interested in a digital marketing career, you can take up the following roles: Internet marketing specialists, SEO experts, and marketing directors, to name just a few. Although most require a degree in marketing, some don’t as long as you have experience in the field.

Their main role is to run and implement effective online marketing campaigns on different online platforms such as social media or search engines. The goal of each campaign can vary and can involve selling products or increasing brand awareness or audience reach. Just like with the promotions director role, you’ll need a marketing background or similar experience in the field.

10. Product Marketer

A product marketer promotes products by creating and running marketing campaigns—either through advertisements, social media strategy, trade shows, and other online promotions. Also included in the role’s responsibilities is to track sales, take stock of promotional materials, plan trade shows, and prepare reports.

Out of all the above, the main role of a product marketer is to Implement advertising and marketing campaigns based on the analysis of sales forecasts. From there, strategies should be drawn up when it comes to organizing promotional presentations; updating calendars.

11. Market Research Analyst

Being a market research analyst is predominantly a technical role. You need to know how to study market conditions as well as be able to assess the potential sales of a service or product. Their main responsibility is to help companies forecast what products would likely succeed, pinpoint the target audience for them, and at what price.

Other duties include monitoring and predicting sales and marketing trends, assess marketing programs and strategies’ effectivity as well as devise methods for collecting data. They are also tasked with gathering data on competitors, analyzing data, and converting any data into easily consumed written reports.

12. Communications Assistant

A communications assistant is an entry-level role. Your responsibilities include coordinating office activities, managing marketing information, as well as facilitating internal communications operations.

As a new hire, you’ll be trained on-the-job and will most likely begin with administrative and clerical tasks, which include answering phones, filing documents, and distributing information. Other tasks and duties may include planning meetings, reviewing memos, scheduling appointments, and running office equipment.

Picking the Right Career Path in Marketing

No matter where you are in your career, picking the right path might not always be the easiest decision to make. With so many options out there, it can be daunting to make your best judgment with the different factors you have to consider.

But in a shell, choosing the best career path in marketing is all about knowing your strengths, interests, and what skills are you willing to improve on. Once you’ve determined those, you can pick the role that will suit your career goals in marketing!

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