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So, here it is. Your promotion. You have been waiting for it so long. You’ve dreamed about it, you’ve imagined it, you’ve found thousands of ideas how to tell you mom about it. But what comes next?

What should you do to lead your team successfully? What traces of character determine a good team lead? How can you become a person everyone is ready to follow?

Being a team lead is not only about management and control, although these are perhaps the basic parts of the job. A team lead is a person who is ready to protect, share experience, make other people share experience, tutor, and survive in any situation. Some people will tell that it is impossible to teach someone to become a leader. We believe that it is possible to create a leadership background for any person. Everything else depends on how a person needs to change his way of behavior.

Secrets of leadership: Becoming an Effective Team Lead

There are actually two types of people on our planet. Those who believe that they can guide the whole world, and those who even do not think about that. Our recommendations are useful for both these types. For the first type, it will be good to systematize their feelings and thoughts, for the second type – to explain to them that they can become leaders as well.

1. What’s your focus?

Perhaps, the most common mistake any new team lead does is starting to focus on tasks and achievements. But team lead must use another weapon – communication. He is responsible for building the relationship inside a team. If you have 10 colleagues in your team, make sure that everyone understands what he does and what other people do.

Build a communication strategy, make your team understand each other. And of course, make your team understand that you are by their side and you are ready to support them and stand for their ideas. Keep your people in focus.

2. Everyone makes mistakes

In some parallel universe, people make no mistakes. But in our universe mistakes are a common thing which sometimes happens to everyone. If someone in your team made a mistake, do not make quick decisions. Maybe it was you who explained task in the way a mistake occurred. Take some time, analyze the situation, and find the solution to the problem. And do not forget to find the solution for avoiding the same mistake again.

3. Talk

A bad team lead is the one who never talks. A team lead should talk to his team. The analysis is great, but you should share the results with your colleges. If you cannot find a solution to some problem, just talk to your people. They can give you more than you can expect.

4. Listen

Another side of a good team lead is listening. A person who is capable of listening and hearing can change the world. Do not be deaf.

5. Do not be greedy

A good work is what you expect from any person in your team. But does it mean you do not need to notice that? Absolutely not. Words are a perfect motivation for everyone. As a team lead, you need to give a feedback both for the achievements and the failures. Do not turn into one of those people who never say good words to their teams.

6. Became a judge

Even if you have never dreamed of a career in law, now it is time to make some steps in it. Judging will be one of the skills you need to master, especially if you are working in a big team. Unfortunately, conflicts and confrontations are the inevitable part of any team.

And you need to make everything possible to stop conflicts when they are still small and almost unnoticeable. Be a judge: look at the situation, try to understand who is wrong here, and never be prejudiced.

7. Do not be afraid to Delegate

New team leads never delegate their issues. They believe that delegation makes them look worse in the eyes of their bosses. In fact, delegation is just another key responsibility of a good team lead. Delegation does not mean that someone else will make your job just because you told so. When you delegate some issues, you can understand what your team members are capable of. Perhaps, someone is ready for promotion.

8. Ask if you do not know something

If you do not know something about working processes, just ask. No one judges you because you ask something, but everyone judges if you don’t ask. Stay hungry, stay foolish – these are the words you need to keep in mind. Ask for help if you need it, ask for an advice if you need it, ask for support if you need it.

9. Timing is everything

Be effective with your timing from the first days on a new position. Time is the most precious thing. Timing is not about meeting deadlines. Make your team feel comfortable with time. Control everything your team members do to be able to set a proper timing for the next task.

10. Devil is in the details

Always pay attention to the details. It will help build your own strategy for leading a team. Details are important in work, in communication, in behavior. So be attentive: those small details can make your leading a paradise or turn it into a burning hell.

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