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So you’re a new graduate, and you just landed your first work. What could go wrong? “Everything,” you tell yourself and panic. Feeling nervous about making a good impression and performing well on your first day of work is perfectly normal. After all, how you do on your first day on the job can have a significant impact on your later experiences as an employee, not to mention that it sets the tone for how others will see you as a colleague.

While thinking about your first day can be nerve-wracking, there are ways to ensure that your first day is a success. In this post, we offer graduate advice on how to nail that first day by looking at some first day of work tips. Here are the top tips for the first day at the office.

1. Get Enough Rest

It should go without saying that being well-rested is one of the ways to have a great first day at work. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest hindrances to productivity, and there’s a mountain of evidence showing that lack of sleep can significantly decrease concentration, critical thinking, and motivation.

On the other hand, getting enough rest can leave you feeling refreshed, clear-minded, and ready to work well on your first day. So treat the week before as the real beginning of your first day by taking the time to rest and getting enough sleep.

2. Eat a Full Breakfast

Just like getting enough sleep, eating a healthy and balanced breakfast is an excellent way to start your first day. Both your body and your mind need nutrients to function, and you wouldn’t want to be distracted by pangs of hunger in the middle of working.

When you’ve had a full breakfast, you are more likely to function well, which means that you won’t be spending the time just waiting for a chance to grab a bite. That said, make sure that you also don’t overeat at breakfast, since being too full may make you feel lethargic at work.

3. Look Smart and Well-groomed

Whether you like it or not, the office is a place where a dress code is usually in effect. With this in mind, do your best to look sharp and neat on your first day. After all, how you look contributes to the first impression you make. You don’t want to look shoddily dressed or overly casual unless this is the standard in your workplace (which is unlikely, by the way).

Wear clothes that are appropriate for your workplace. But know that dress codes vary, and jeans may be acceptable in one office but a big no-no in another. If you’re not sure what to wear, recall what employees were wearing during your interview or ask outright for the workplace’s dress code.

You can include this as one of the questions to ask before the first day of work. But if you have to gamble, it’s better to be a little overdressed than underdressed.

4. Be On-time

Few things make a worse impression than arriving late on your first day. So give yourself more than enough time to prepare, especially if you’re commuting to work.

Know your route and the transportation you’ll take early on so that you don’t take a wrong turn and lose precious time. If you arrive far too early, you can make use of the time ironing out any details that need your attention.

5. Be Polite

Good manners are always appreciated, and it will do you well being polite and exercising proper etiquette on your first day (and all other days). Since it is your first day, you can expect that there will be plenty of introductions and making acquaintances.

Some of the tips for the first day when it comes to interacting with co-workers are smiling at people, shaking hands if appropriate, and maintaining eye contact. You’ll find that observing the basics of politeness and etiquette can go a long way and will help you get to know your colleagues better.

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6. Organize Your Workstation

It may seem too early to be organizing your station on your first day at your new graduate job, but it’s better to set up a system early on. Files, folders, and many other work-related documents will quickly pile up over time. Without a personal system in place, these files can overwhelm you and make your station confusing, which will ultimately disrupt your workflow in the future.

Don’t worry about perfecting the system, since you can improve your organization over time and as necessary. The important thing is you start with a way of doing things that allow you to be efficient. Of course, don’t forget to keep your workstation clean and tidy.

7. Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Communication is essential to effective collaboration. It is normal for you to feel shy on your first day since it’s likely that you don’t know anyone in the office.

However, poor communication between you and your co-workers can cause problems if left unaddressed, and these problems can eventually reflect negatively on you. But communicating well with your colleagues will improve your performance and your efficiency as a team. You’re also giving the signal that you have a sense of teamwork and are open to working together.

Besides, chances are your new colleagues would be more than happy to talk to you, know more about you, and accommodate your attempts at conversation especially if they are aimed at improving the way you work together.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

One of the most common mistakes among newly hired employees is assuming that they are expected to know everything about the job. This is simply incorrect. As a new hire, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’re better off asking questions if something is unclear or if you need guidance than committing a mistake.

Moreover, asking questions show that you’re willing to learn more and improve your performance. That said, make sure that you do learn from these interactions so that you don’t ask the same questions repeatedly.

9. Research the Company

Learning how to prepare for a new job is incomplete without researching the company. You probably already studied the company when you applied and when you prepared for the interview. However, these were likely limited to the basics. Before you begin your first day, it will be to your advantage to research the company again.

For example, you can read more about the history of the company, its mission and vision, and its organizational culture. Engaging the help of researching services such as CustomEssayMeister can also aid you in learning more about companies.

This way, you will arrive at the office on your first day with a clearer understanding of how your goals as an individual employee align with the goals of the organization as a whole.

10. Relax

So you’re finally at the office to start your first day, and already you’re feeling nervous about not living up to expectations.

Here’s a pro tip: don’t stress yourself. Take a deep breath instead and relax. Remember that the company hired you because you fit the position you applied for, and that means that you have what it takes to deliver. While working on the job is, of course, different from applying for the job, panicking won’t be of any help.

Relaxing, on the other hand, will help keep your mind clear and make your first day productive and educational.


Thinking about your first day at your new workplace can be a source of stress. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Knowing how to prepare for the first day of work, such as by getting enough rest, eating a full breakfast, and researching the company, will help make your first day successful.

Also, know what to do on the first day of work, such as by following the dress code, being polite, and communicating well, will help in making a good impression. So go ahead, review these tips for the first day at the office, and turn that dreaded day into a phenomenal beginning to your career.

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