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One of the scariest decisions someone makes in their life is choosing a career. That’s because of your whole life centers around the career you choose. It’s where you spend most of your time, it’s how you make money, and it helps to shape who you are as a person.

Studies show that the majority of people hate their job. Do you want to be one of them? If not, ask yourself these ten questions to make sure you’re making the right career choice.

1. Will You Make Enough Money to Live off Of?

Many people make the mistake of choosing a career based on what they love, not based on money. Unfortunately, money is an integral part of choosing. You want to pick a career path where you’re financially stable to eliminate stress.

2. What Hours Will You Be Working?

Are you a night owl or do you prefer to get moving when the sun rises? When choosing a career, consider what hours you will be working. What is best for you and your family? If you enjoy having nights off, don’t pick a job where you’re required to work second shift.

3. What Do You Enjoy Doing?

Finding a career is about finding a balance. Choose something that you enjoy doing. Do you love helping people? Become a social worker. Do you like spending time with your kids? Become a teacher.

You also need to find the balance. Don’t lose sight of your hobbies, however. Choose a career that is separate but similar to the things you love doing.

4. What Benefits Do They Offer?

Picking a career is more than just following your heart. You need to look at what the position’s benefits are.

  • If you’re planning on having a child, what is the maternity or paternity leave like?
  • Do you get paid time off?
  • How do sick days work?
  • Is health insurance offered?

5. Is There Room for Growth?

One of the first things people look at is how much money does the job offer. If the starting rate is lower than you hoped for, don’t fret. You need to see if there is room for growth. Will you make more the longer that you’re there? Will there be promotions offered?

Lateral Career Growth - Continued Career Success - Excelling in Your Career in 2018-Career Progression

6. What Are the Company’s Values?

Choose a company that has similar values to you. If you’re someone who values religion, will your job let you off on Sundays for church services?

You want to choose a company that you can be proud of, one who has similar beliefs, and one who will honour yours. If not, you might end up hating your company in the long run because of how vastly different their values are.

7. Is This a Line of Work You Can Be Proud Of?

We all want to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in the work that we do. Before you choose the right career, look into whether or not you’ll be recognized. You always want to churn out work you’re proud of. If you’re a writer, will your name be on the articles you publish?

If you’re a teacher, will your work value all that you put in? If you’re not appreciated, you will burn out quickly.

8. What Is the Company Culture Like?

Choosing the right career path means looking at what daily life inside a company is like. If you’re someone who wants to do more than sit into a cubicle, you need to consider that. Many companies have websites that show all they have to offer.

Look and see if employees have voted it a top workplace. Check and see if they do things for employees like company outings, volunteer opportunities, growth and more.

9. Have You Heard Good Things About the Company?

One easy way to get an inside glimpse of what life is like inside a company is by asking someone who works there. See if your friends have job openings that they recommend.

They’ll be able to give you an honest opinion on whether or not they think it will be a good fit for you. That’s because they know you and they know the company. Do research online and see if there are reviews out there. Pick something where people are excited to come to work each day.

10. Can You See Yourself Doing This Long Term?

Most people consider a career to be a long-term commitment. If you want to settle down and figure out what you’re planning on doing with your life, do your research. You want to find a career where companies value their long-term employees. Is this a company that you will be happy within the long run? Is there room for growth? Do you get added benefits the longer you’re there?

Consider All Avenues

Choosing the right career goes so much deeper than just finding something you like. You need to ask yourself all of these necessary questions to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

Deciding on a career is a huge commitment because not only does it affect your happiness, it affects your family’s happiness. What do you think is essential in a career? Ask yourself that question and allow it to help shape your overall decision.

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Josh McAllister is an independent business consultant based in New York. In his free time, he enjoys all things geeky and gadgetry, the outdoors, and spending time with his family. You can reach him on Twitter.

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