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It is the objective of every organization to make production as efficient as possible. It starts right at the recruitment level. If the HR is unable to get the right employees, there will be implications on the overall performance of an organization. With the changing waves in the business world, time is becoming limiting, and such processes may end up not being as effective as they should be.

However, that does not change the fact that you should give proper attention to the process. The following guide will go a long way in making your hiring process more efficient.

1. Choose the Right Platforms

 With the rise of the information era, there have also been changes in how companies communicate

 About job openings. Word of mouth has been a vital tool for a while, but organizations have realized more effective methods of sourcing for the perfect candidates for a job. Most companies have websites and social media platforms which they use for advertising. While choosing the place to post, you have to find a platform that has your target audience.

For instance, it is better to post on LinkedIn than on Twitter. However, it also depends on the job description. For some, you will find the ideal candidate on platforms like Facebook. There is plenty of job search sites that you could also utilize. Platforms are not only limited to websites, but magazines and billboards are also yet another means of sourcing for recruits.

2. Analysis of the Curriculum

While analyzing the Curriculum Vitae of the candidates, do not only focus on the requirements you need at the time. If you take a proper look, you will find that there are skills that you may require shortly. In other words, an analysis could come in handy as it will spare you the future hassle of carrying out recruitment afresh. While doing it, you could note down the candidates that you feel may be useful later.

3. Make Use of Telephone Interviews

Having to interview hundreds of candidates in a day can be exhausting and can also interfere with the quality of the process. So how about you narrow down the numbers through a telephone interview. You can start by making an inquiry on a few things about the candidate including the expected salary. It is their chance to make a first impression, and it is a good chance for you to make a judgment of the perfect candidate for the job.

4. Take Your Candidates Through Psychometric Tests

A psychometric test is a scientific and standard method used by the HR to measure an individual’s capabilities and rational behaviour. The purpose of using the analysis is to gauge whether a specific candidate fits a given position based on one’s personality. Why is the test important?

Well, it does make a significant contribution to the HR avoiding fixing people in the wrong roles, which only leads to high employee turnover and more recruitment costs. The concept is prone to be misunderstood as being discriminatory. However, its objective is to help the recruiter match the candidates’ personalities and different abilities with the right tasks in the organization.

More so, psychometric evaluations will also help in the future in predetermining norms for given job positions. Which also contributes to more efficiency of the processes in the future.

Student at College-Employment Tests

5. Check the References

Do not take the references section in resumes for granted. Most employers ask for it but once submitted fail to put it into use. While going through the curriculum vitae, you should have a phone by your side to confirm with the references provided that the candidate will be an asset to the organization. Take time to validate the experience offered, education and so on. There shouldn’t be room for mistakes as they will cost your organization.

6. Consider Carrying out a Second Interview

For your recruitment process to be effective, you should not stop at the first interview. As tedious as it may sound, a second interview will be worth the while. However, this should be for specific positions. For instance, if you are looking for a technical guy, a second one would be appropriate. As such, you should organize a sitting with supervisors or senior management. It is for the sole purpose of further assessment of the skills that the candidate possesses.

7. Write Clear Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions that are not clear is one of the mistakes that hiring executives make during the hiring process. Writing a good job description should not only focus on the traditional ‘what the organization needs from the employee.’

For a productive recruitment process, you also need to tell the candidates what is in for them. It is the part that you mention the remuneration they will get. That way, you will be able to narrow down on the employees that are qualified for the job, and seeking what you have stated as a return for their input in the organization. Be as detailed as possible when writing a job description, it will also help in avoiding future misunderstanding.

8. Do Not Work Alone

For the hiring process to be effective. You should not be a loner, input from others at this point will be very valuable. There are some things about a candidate you may notice, which may be helpful in your selection. Having something by your side will help you not to miss some of the details. Also, you can’t always trust your judgment, you might be wrong at some point, and an extra head will come in handy.

9. Avoid Magic Bullet Questions

Do not waste time on magic bullet questions. Instead, focus on questions that will get you the right person for the job. Magic bullet questions will not help you to know the candidates’ abilities and experience in the field.

10. Automate Your Recruitment Process

Thanks to technology, the work does not have to be manual and tedious. You can automate it, save time and energy and at the same time find the right people for the job in the most effective way. Remember that you need to keep records. Paperwork might be too tedious and not the best way to keep records.

Remember that you will need the documents in the future. There is also technology in place that the recruiter could use in going through the resumes of the candidates. Note that it can take a recruiter up to 20 hours to do a thorough evaluation in a single CV.

It is also important to remember that for effective recruitment to take place; the hiring manager needs to be quick. It only takes ten days for the best candidates to get off the job-seeking market. Delays will make you miss out on this. It is therefore essential to incorporate technology to make the process quick.

The hiring process can be quite a handful. However, with the best practices, you will be able to save a lot of time and money. Also, you will be able to save yourself the trouble of conducting interviews every month due to a high employee turnover rate: which is mostly brought about by picking the wrong candidates for a job. It is also advisable to go through reviews on your website and see what people say about your hiring processes. You will learn a thing or two. Also, remember to thank participants for attending the interviews regardless of whether they pass it or not.

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