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Right after you graduate and plan to begin a life beyond the academic corridors, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is to bag a job that can help you start a successful career.

But if we are looking at the other side of the coin, then it is to be mentioned that the job market in a particular city isn’t uniform, or equally prosperous and progressive.

And this, as a result, would immediately trigger the thought of finding an ideal city that would allow your career aspirations and every other coveted dream to materialize in the long run. But hold on for a moment before jumping to a conclusion! Don’t pack your bag to the wrong destination.

The 10 Best Cities For Job Hunters (2018)

If you are in need of helpful guidance and suggestions that can assist you to shortlist cities offering lucrative job opportunities and balanced lifestyle, then read through this blog, take a look at the explanatory list of best cities for the job hunters below, and then decide the one that can give wings to your career aspirations.

1. Kansas City (Missouri)

If you want to establish a promising career as an Audit Manager, Research Associate, or Software Engineer, then Kansas is the city for you.

With a Glassdoor City score rating of 4.4 and roughly 90,650 job openings available, you are unlikely to miss out on bagging your dream job.

Kansas City (Missouri)-cities

Apart from that, you may also look for employment opportunities as a Police Records Clerk, Cashier, Police Dispatcher, Accounting Analyst, Marketing Associate, News Intern, Pharmacy Technician, Detention Officer and more.

In addition to it, it is worth mentioning that Kansas City has a median base salary range of around $45,000, with a job satisfaction rating of 3.3. Think about it!

2. St. Louis (Missouri)

Next up is the city of St. Louis, with a Glassdoor City Score of 4.4. If you’re looking for prosperous jobs and a promising career in the field of talent acquisition and recruitment, electrical engineering, and communication management, then you may choose to visit this city and try out your luck for a better and rewarding tomorrow.

You can expect to draw a median salary of around $45,600.

St. Louis (Missouri)-cities

Additionally, the city offers about 104,725 job openings for prospective employees. Apart from that, the city has other employment opportunities for aspirants looking vacancies for the posts of Correctional Officer, Programmer Analyst, Senior Software Engineers, Tax Consultant, Warehouse and Quality Control Associate and the likes.

3. Los Angeles (California)

Although Los Angeles is known for an extravagant lifestyle and nightlife, it is equally promising when it comes to ensuring job opportunities for aspirants across the globe. This is another significant city with promising job opportunities in store this year.

Posted on indeed.com, you can stand a chance to bag employment in various sectors including Administrative Services, Administrative Coordination, Animal Care Attendant, Entry level Background Investigator, HR Analyst, Detention Officer and more. 

Los Angeles (California)-cities

The average median salary that you can expect to draw in this city is around $54,432 in Los Angeles.

So, in case you are planning to settle in Los Angeles and enjoy a decent livelihood, give it a try. If we are to believe the stats, the job market in this city seems favourable and rewarding for the aspirants.

4. San Diego (California)

The job market in San Diego looks pretty promising as well. From library volunteer to Software Engineer, from Veterinary Assistant to Community Outreach Coordinator, San Diego has a plethora of employment opportunities for aspirants looking for scopes to materialize their dreams.

San Diego (California)-cities

As per reports, the median income in San Diego for a family of four is about $63,400. If we are talking about the scopes for up-market and noble professions in the city, then lawyers and attorneys have a fair chance to earn a decent living in San Diego.

As per reports, the average income of an Attorney in San Diego is $109,814, which is impressive!

5. San Jose (California)

Topping the list of job ranking favorability, and offering a broad employment market and lots of opportunity for the aspirants, San Jose is one of the best cities around North America to count on.

In case you are planning to explore the sector of software engineering in San Jose, then expect to earn a decent range of salary amounting to an average pay scale of around $106,698.

San Jose (California)-cities

In case you are looking for vacancies for the post of a mechanical engineer then expect an average salary scale of $78,130, whereas for an Operations Manager the figure is $74,341.

So, you may choose to visit this city and try your luck in each of the discussed professional areas to explore an extensive and flourishing job market for a promising career ahead.

6. New York City (New York)

The job market in New York City is pretty hot and happening. Posted on roberthalf.com, the tech industry in New York City is booming.

Between the years 2010 to 2016, the city has seen about 46,900 jobs recruitments in this sector. This pretty much sums up the fact that the city has a lot more in store in the upcoming years.

New York City (New York)-cities

Thus, in case you’re looking for employment opportunities in the field of Information Technology, New York City can always be an option to count on.

Moreover, the city has a lot more employment opportunity in-store offering jobs for Entry Level Management Trainee, Sales Intern, Data Analysts, Social Media Manager, Fitness Manager, Travel Agent and more.

7. Minneapolis (Minnesota)

You can also consider this city for employment opportunities. With a job market favorability ranking of 3, the place seems promising for the prospective job seekers.

The average annual income of an employee in Minneapolis is somewhat around $67,850.

Minneapolis (Minnesota)-cities

If we are talking about the various types of jobs available in the city, you can expect to bag employment in several sectors with vacancies for the post of Senior Accounting/Finance Analyst, Sales Executive, Backroom Team Leader, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Project Architect, HR Coordinator and more.

8. Sacramento (California)

If we are talking about the job market scenario in Sacramento, California, then the graph could be considered promising and upward for potential employers looking for employment opportunities in this place.

The job market favorability ranking of Sacramento is at 23, with a salary ranking at 11.

Sacramento (California)-cities

From Communications/Operations Dispatcher to Airport Operations Worker, and Environmental Specialist to Accounting Technician, Sacramento offers a wide variety of job opportunities, ensuring an average salary of $62,814 per year.

So, in case you are looking for lucrative opportunities in the field of employment and aiming to earn a decent salary for a hassle-free livelihood, then seeking work in Sacramento could prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.

9. Boston (Massachusetts)

As posted on The Daily Free Press, Boston is reportedly one of the top cities for job hunters. The place has a ranking of the 3rd best city in the country. So, if you are aiming to bag a job in Boston this year, then you are probably on the right track.

Boston (Massachusetts)

From Account Representatives to IT Support Engineer, from Proofreaders to Desktop Support Technicians, the city offers a wide range of employment opportunities for those who wish to make a good career out of their respective fields of interest.

So, if you already backpacked to visit the city and look out for jobs, then go ahead. The stats and reports seem promising! So, make good use of this time and opportunity.

10. Miami (Florida)

Even though most people visit Miami for holiday vibes and beach life, you can come to this city to bag a dream job. Posted on CNBC.com, the town has a job market favorability ranking of 23, with salary ranking 48 and a work-life balancing rank 2, the city has a ranking of 8 out of 10 of the best cities for job hunters.

Thus, to enjoy a prosperous career and to grab a dream job here, you may try your luck by sending your CV to the target industries in this city today.

Miami (Florida)

If we are talking about the employment opportunities provided by Miami, then take note of the fact that there are vacancies available for full-time Merchandiser at Nestle, Cargo Handler, Web Designer, Front Desk Executives, Operations Analysts, Travel Counselor and more.

So, if you find any of the mentioned profiles are matching your criteria, then wait no more, and try your luck out to bag a job and settle in this beautiful city.



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